Shifa ul Quloob By Maulana Muhammad Mazhar

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Shifa ul Quloob

Shifa ul Quloob By Maulana Muhammad Mazhar شفاء القلوب

The Qur’an contains a message. Qur’an the Qur’an as healing and a blessing to believers and does only harm to criminals. Shifa ul Quloob, The heart could be affected by illnesses that prevent it from following God or His Prophet, and giving back to the Muslims and the treatment for these ailments is through The Book that is the Book of the Holy Qur’an of our Lord along with our Prophet. Sunnah from our Prophet. Could be.

شفاء القلوب

O you people I have brought to you an instruction from your Lord, and a healing for the chest. He also offers guidance and mercy for people who believe. The heart is rusty like iron due to the lack of heed and obedience to Allah and the cure is to remember Allah.

Book/Title Shifa ul Qulob
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Mazhar
Pages 413
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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