Shehar-e-Yaran Novel By Riffat Siraj

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Shehar-e-Yaran Novel By Riffat Siraj

Riffat Siraj is writer of the novel Shehr Yaran Novel. It’s a great romantic and social novel written by Riffat Siraj. The story was first published in the form of a monthly digest. It was later released as a book. The book author discusses the significance of love in one’s life. If we look at the main idea of this novel it’s a social-type Urdu novel that deals with the unnoticed issues that we confronted in our society and in our daily lives about the culture and customs. Shehar-e-Yaran Novel By Riffat Siraj, The novel provided us with an ethical lesson that will help us gain greater understanding and better communication with our society. If you are awestruck by this summary and want to read it, you must download and go through it.

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Riffat Siraj has been a renowned feminist novelist, editor as well as a story-writer. She is a part-time employee of a publishing house and has been working for a long time. In addition, Riffat Siraj has natural writing talent and has created some great novels for Urdu novels fans. She tackled issues of public policy in her writing.

Shehar-e-Yaran Novel By Riffat Siraj

Shehr e yaran novel pdf

Shehr-EYaran is written by Riffat Siraj. The novel is filled with romantic stories as well as social issues. Riffat Siraj is a well-known writer from Urdu and is famous for his novels specifically for women. The story of the novel is published as a part-wise digest, and then the and published in a book. The book’s author provides a glimpse into the topic of love and explains the significance of love in our lives. The novel received a lot of attention from Urdu readers. After it became a hit, it was ARY Digital (Pakistani Channel) made the novel into an upcoming TV drama with an identical name.

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Shehar e Yaran (shhri yrN) is a well-known social Urdu novel written by female Urdu writer Riffat Siraj. The novel first appeared in a local month to monthly digest and later became an hardcover book that has 600 and 60 pages. Despite its size, it’ll never let you feel tired or bored due to the fact that the tale is incredibly engaging and captivating.

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Riffat Siraj is an outstanding female Urdu writer who has written several romance and social books. She usually writes for different local processes and is particularly well-known among Pakistani female review readers. In her writings, she features various segments of the general population as well as their shortcomings and the impact they have on our daily routines. On this website, you can look through all works written by Riffat Siraj.

Yaran e Ishq novel

Shehar-e-Yaran Novel Summary;

Everyone is on the right path to decide what’s right for them. Everybody is responsible for deciding which subjects to study, where to work, and to whom to get married. In all likelihood, there are a few who are favored to the point of choosing the best choices for themselves. The tale of the clever revolves around these characters who are denied their fundamental right to decide the best option for themselves. They have to accept what fate has brought to them.

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The first episode was a huge hit in the eyes of Urdu users across the country. Due to its popularity, ARY Digital adjusted the story to a TV Serial show with a similar name.

Shehr e yaran novel summary

It’s a social Urdu novel that exposes several flaws that are hidden in our lifestyle and our society. The book is filled with moral examples to help improve the community. If you are a fan of Social Urdu novels The cleverness of this novel will not disappoint you.

Shehar-e-Yaran Novel By Riffat Siraj PDF

In this article, we will introduce the writer Riffat Siraj, an author of romantic novels. Siraj has published a variety of books that deal with the subject of love, action, theology of religion, and society’s challenges. Most of her work is released in the monthly local digest. In Pakistan, there are many readers who are eagerly awaiting her novels. She gained a lot of fame in Urdu writing. Her writings must be translated into the English language.

Book/Title Shehar-e-Yaran
Author/Writer Riffat Siraj
Pages 287
Category Novel
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