Shazia Mustafa Novels

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Shazia Mustafa Novels

Shazia Mustafa is a rising star in the world of Urdu literature, known for her exceptional writing style and unique storytelling abilities. Her novels are a must-read for fans of Urdu literature, particularly those who enjoy social and romantic fiction. With over ten social romance novels published in various popular monthly digests, Shazia Mustafa has built a huge fan base eagerly awaiting her next release. Her works, such as “Mohabbat Dil Ke Sehra Mein” and “Tum Aur Tumhara Sath,” are available in Urdu format on, where readers can download them for free in PDF format. Her writing has earned her a reputation as one of the most promising new voices in Urdu literature, and she continues to produce captivating stories that keep readers coming back for more.

Download Shazia Mustafa Novels PDF

Urdu literature has been a significant contributor to the literary world for centuries. It is known for its rich culture, history, and depth of emotions, and Shazia Mustafa is a prominent writer who has contributed to the Urdu literature world. You can find all of her novels in Urdu format for free on So, if you’re a fan of Urdu literature, do not miss the opportunity to read Shazia Mustafa’s novels and immerse yourself in the world of romance and emotions.

List of Shazia Mustafa Novels

Forced Marriage Urdu Novels By Shazia Mustafa
Ab Tou Ye Zindagi Muskurai By Shazia Mustafa
Sanwar Gaya Mera Roop Aangan By Shazia Mustafa
Badal Gaye Mausam By Shazia Mustafa
Mohabbat Dil Kay Sehra Mein By Shazia Mustafa
Chahat Dil Ki By Shazia Mustafa
Shazia Mustafa Most Romantic Novels
Tujh Se Mangon Main Tujh Ko Episode 1 To 9 By Shazia Mustafa
Mujhey Tum Se Mohabbat Hai By Shazia Mustafa
Ehtraf E Mohabbat By Shazia Mustafa
Ab To Ho Gia Her Din Eid Novel By Shazia mustafa
Tum Aur Tumhara Sath By Shazia Mustafa
Main Eid Aur Tum By Shazia Mustafa
Junoon Aur Mohabbat Novel By Shazia
Main Muhabbat Aur Tum By Shazia Mustafa
Teri Chahat Mera Asasa By Shazia Mustafa
Eid Nayi Ruton Ka Payam By Shazia Mustafa
Hasil E Tamanna Tum He Ho By Shazia Mustafa
Tu Chahe Hamain By Shazia Mustafa
Milan Ke Phool Khiley By Shazia Mustafa
Romantic Urdu Novels By Shazia Mustafa Online Reading
Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Novel By Shazia Mustafa

About the Writer Shazia Mustafa:

Shazia Mustafa is a Pakistani Urdu novelist who has written numerous best-selling romantic novels in all monthly digests such as Shuaa Digest, Khwateen Digest, Kiran Digest, and Aanchal Digest. She is a young and talented writer who has gained a huge fan following for her unique writing style. Her novels are available in Urdu format and can be downloaded for free from Mustafa is pursuing her BS in Urdu Literature from a private university in Lahore, but her writing career started while she was still studying. She has written more than ten social romance novels so far, and her popularity among both males and females is increasing day by day.

Mohabbat Dil Kay Sehra Mein Novel by Shazia Mustafa

One of Mustafa’s most famous novels is “Mohabbat Dil Ke Sehra Mein,” which contains an interesting social romantic and moral reforming story in the Urdu language. It is a long romantic Urdu novel that captures the readers’ hearts with its captivating plot and strong characters.

Ehtraf e Mohabbat Novel by Shazia Mustafa

Another one of her popular novels is “Aitraaf e Mohabbat,” which is a social romantic Urdu novel published in a monthly digest. This novel is available for free download in PDF format from

Tum aur tumhara sath Novel by Shazia Mustafa

“Tum Aur Tumhara Sath” is another complete romantic Urdu novel written by Mustafa. The novel is available for online reading and download from in HD quality. This novel showcases Mustafa’s exceptional storytelling skills and the depth of her understanding of the human psyche.

Tu Chahe Hamain Novel by Shazia Mustafa

Lastly, “Tu Chahe Hamain” is a social romantic Urdu novel written by Shazia Mustafa. It is a captivating story that captures the readers’ attention from the first page and keeps them hooked till the end. This novel is available for free download from


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