Shaheen Novel by Naseem Hijazi

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This book Shaheen Novel pdf is a novel written by Naseem Hijazi. The topic of the novel is the history of Pakistan. Shaheen pdf’s author Shaheen pdf, was a well-known novelist, journalist, historian, and author from Pakistan. He wrote some of the best-selling books written in the Urdu language. He added a fresh flavor to Urdu novels through historical fiction.

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Another masterpiece of Naseem Hijazi is a variation of the novel called Shaheen. In this novel, the author sheds illumination on Muslims’ historical past. This shows us that those who are not educated about their past should be prepared to stand up to the worst times. If you are looking to understand Muslim history from Spain this book is perfect ideal for you.

Shaheen Novel by Naseem Hijazi

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Shaheen written by Naseem Hijazi novel a PDF for free download or read on the internet Shaheen Urdu recorded novel was written by Naseem Hijazi Urdu who is a Pakistani Islamic writer and classicist Naseem Hijazi.

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Naseem Hijazi Urdu creator is well-known for creating Islamic Historical Urdu fiction stories Born in Aisa the city he grew up in Lahore, Pakistan after independence. His Urdu novels that examine Islamic historical events are considered to be novels in Urdu writing.

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It is focused to illustrate the state of Muslims Granada in 1492, at the time they were to be removed from Spain. Shaheen revolves around the fanciful character Badr container Mughaira who was a resident of the current long period of Moorish Granada Abu-Abdullah (The last the King of Spain) And Musa Bin-Ibe-Ghusan.

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The novel recounts all the events that happened with Abu-Abdullah as well as Musa with three or two invented incidents. Naseem Hijazi brilliantly designed and presented everything in an organized manner and the readers were left in limbo on the coast of Granada. Instructive modules inductive Urdu book.

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A different acclaimed Urdu novel written by a well famous essayist suggests considering that people who don’t learn from history will likely repeat it with simple results. Explore this Story, Hijazi uncovered to us the history of those who were displayed in the fall bed of the Muslim season in Spain.

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The causes resembled the ones that every nation experiences during their decline: a lack of vitality for the development of society in general moral defilement, excuses for their victims, and most importantly the joke makers within. He emphasized the fact that God could forgive the sins of a few individuals, but not all the sins of a nation. Download the PDF now or read it online on this blog.

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Shaheen Novel is a novel Shaheen Novel is a story that follows the Muslims across Spain (Andalusia). The most appealing thing about this book is the story that Muslims were the rulers of Spain for a long period around a few thousand years. At first, there was a regular legal system, but later, it changed to Monarchy.

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The Christian leader was anticipating this weak moment. They sparked intrigue and inspired the Muslims in their right to battle each other. In this instance, the Christian forces took over this Muslim territory. In every scenario, the young man is called Shaheen. He started a revolution with the Christians. He attempted to join forces with those who were Muslims of Spain however, he did not achieve success. After his disappointment, Spanish dominance was shifted to the Muslims.

About Naseem Hijazi:

Naseem Hijazi is a well-known author, reader, historian, and novelist of Urdu. He has written nearly 18 books and numerous short stories that were published in the Urdu digest. He also made contributions to new developments for novel scripts. It is not a stretch to say that there’s no doubt that he is the pioneer of antiquity literature.

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Naseem Hijazi is a gifted storyteller. Some of his most popular books are listed below: Gumshuda Qaafley, Kaleesa Aur Aag Andheri Raat Ke Musafir, in addition to his other published books.

Book/Title Shaheen
Author/Writer Naseem Hijazi
Pages 526
Published Date 01-12-2019
Category Novel
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