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Qudratullah Shahab was the writer of the book Shahab Nama PDF. It is a great biography from Qudratullah Shahab. The writer of Shahab Nama was a civil service officer during British rule. He was employed in the most important positions in Pakistan and closely followed the character of our politicians and the Pakistani circumstances. He was deputy commissioner of Jhang He was honest and hardworking and gained the respect of the population. The public was impressed by the example that shows the honesty of the deputy commissioner of Jhang.

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Shahab Nama Pdf Shahab Nama Pdf tells the entire life of Qudratullah Shahab. The author relates his early years, in which he utters the Drood Sharif and he went to school. Shahab gave details of his childhood and the marriage he had with Iffat. Shahab spoke about his beliefs regarding religion during his middle age.

Overview of Novel:

Qudrat Ullah Shah’s biography is called Shahab Nama. It’s Qudratullah Shahab’s autobiography and it could be placed as the most important of Qudratullah Shah’s works. He wrote about his experience, life, and worries about our current government structure in this publication. This is the top-selling and the most complete Urdu autobiography.

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Shahab Nama is ostensibly the most significant and massive abstract work of Urdu writing. It’s a collection of personal essays by Qudrat Ullah Shahab in which he presents his thoughts about the events, circumstances, and thoughts at various levels throughout his life. It is a personal story without which any investigation into the Pakistani experience is insufficient.

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Shahab Sahib was the main essayist in Urdu writing as an eminent official. He came into the world via Gilgit on the 26th of January 1917. After completing his fundamental education in Jammu and Kashmir, he completed the MA in English at Lahore College and joined the Indian Civil Service in 1941.

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The book began with a wonderful account of his childhood. The book’s reading experience makes the reader see that his childhood was beautiful at this time but not as good as other children’s. He isn’t happy and shallow like normal children but appears to be developing a lot of confidence in his thinking. This young man is also filled with humor, wit or babble, inattention, and heartfelt feelings.

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At the beginning of Shahab Nama, two stories are recounted that are correlated to each other. Both of these stories are riveting and instructive.

Shahab nama book in urdu

In the main story, the author recounts his childhood, the exciting and less so of his academic career, and his family foundation and portrays with a remarkable commitment and the highest regard for the character and persona of his father, Mohammad Abdullah. He also exposes a defiant emotion from his childhood with incredible subtlety.

Storyline of Novel:

The autobiography is the most acclaimed work of the author. The story of the novel revolves around the author. It is not a stretch to say that it is the most famous work by the author that can stimulate the mind of the reader. The author’s writing style in this book is a nationalist component to it. This book is an important work in Urdu literature due to it being filled with multi-dimensional themes. Shahab Nama is a novel that Shahab Nama also educates about the Pakistani dictatorship. It’s also an excellent and instructive illustration of a life full of laughter as well as tears and laughter. Mirroring the past and the present the book also reflects Pakistan’s future. The actions of the poor, as well as their influence on the government as well as the corrupt behavior of the heads, are all described throughout the book.

About author Sahib:

Qudratullah Shahab was a renowned Urdu writer, bureaucrat, and philosopher. Shahab is considered to be an expert on Pakistan’s recent historical background. He discusses the country’s early problems as well as its civil service. His book, “Shahab Nama” is well-known to the Pakistani population.

Shahab Nama PDF

Qudratullah Shahab established Qudratullah Shahab’s Pakistan Writers Guild in 1959. He was elected the first president of the Guild. He wrote a variety of pieces in English as well as Urdu publications. List of his novels: Nafsanay Surkh Feetah, Nafsanay Ya Khuda, and Maa Ji.

Book/Title Shahab Nama
Author/Writer Qudratullah Shahab
Pages 1248
Publication Date 1987
Category Book
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