Science aur Quran By Maulana Samiruddin Qasmi

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Science aur Quran

Science aur Quran By Maulana Samiruddin Qasmi سائنس اور قرآن

Examine the Holy Qur’an to determine if modern science and the Qur’an are compatible. Science aur Quran, The Holy Qur’an provides complete guidance to the wise man and is the guarantee of his moral development. Quran isn’t a book about science, but it is a book about signs (i.e. verses.

سائنس اور قرآن

He is, undoubtedly, the sponsor of all his material needs and physical needs. Therefore, it is fair to say that even though there is no Qur’an within science, science is definitely present in the Qur’an.

Book/Title Sciencee aur Quran
Author/Writer Maulana Samiruddin Qasmi
Category Book
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