Science Aur Islam By Shykh Husain Afandi Tarablisi

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Science Aur Islam

Science Aur Islam By Shykh Husain Afandi Tarablisi سائنس اور اسلام

Sciences and Islam are inextricably connected. Islam is not just a religion that attaches an immense importance to science, but also encourages science-based research. Science Aur Islam, Science is the field of knowledge built on observation and experience Now, Islam has been the faith that first introduced humans to observation and experience.

سائنس اور اسلام

It is believed by Muslims to believe they believe that the Holy Quran is the last revelation and the book of Allah Ta’ala, which is a miracle in itself and a blessing for all mankind.

Book/Title Science Aor Islam
Author/Writer Shykh Husain Afandi Tarablisi
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