Sara Novel By Razia Butt

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Sara Novel By Razia Butt

Razia Butt is the author of Sarah Novel. This book tells a socio romance where the author tells the life of a girl. She was forced into choosing the wrong path to live. The author emphasized that we live in an unbalanced male-dominated society. Women must raise their standards by working to the max. They shouldn’t be discouraged and wish for the highest quality. Sara Novel By Razia Butt.

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Razia Butt was a well-known female novelist and story-writer. She created a variety of drama series for television. Certain of her novels included telecasts and dramas. She wrote more than four dozen outstanding novels for book lovers. I hope you enjoy the Sarah Novel Pdf book and that you share it with others.

Sara Novel By Razia Butt


Sara The Sara novel Urdu novel written by the famous Pakistani writer Razia Butt. The Sara novel’s plot revolves around the life of an extraordinary Pakistani girl named Sara. She must continue with a life she doesn’t have to. In a stand against stereotypes, she creates a new path for herself within Pakistani society. The author has criticized gender discrimination within our social order and in our communities.

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Sara (srh) The novel Sara is an Urdu novel written by famous Pakistani novelist Razia Butt. It is a social family drama set within Pakistani society.

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The story of the original revolves around the life of a lovely Pakistani young woman, Sara. She is driven to carry her day to daily life she will never think about. In spite of generalizations and stereotypes, she makes a way for herself within Pakistani society.

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The author is critical of the gender of our social order and social networks. She explains why women have to make ones they don’t care about. She also gives insights into the struggles of a normal family in the general public.

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If you like reading stories about the family it’s a great option for you. We hope you are delighted reading this book. You might also want to read this collection: Tum Kon Piya By Maha Malik, Maan Jao By Faiza Iftikhar, and Mere Charagar by Ruhsana Nigar.

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She demonstrates how women have to make choices they will never have to make. She also provides details about the struggles of a family that is a part of the general public.

Book/Title Sara
Author/Writer Razia Butt
Pages 482
Category Novel
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