Sangtarash Complete Novel By Aqleem Aleem

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Sangtarash Novel

Sangtrash Novel is a great tale of Aqleem Aleem. It tells the story of the stonemason who was obsessed with an obsession with sculptors. He worked on his own and enormously. He went beyond the limit in order to achieve his goals and didn’t care about his life. life. Aqleem Aleem is an acclaimed author as well as an Urdu Fiction writer. In his professional life, He wrote a variety of stories and novels for various monthly magazines. Sangtarash Novel. He gained fame for his action and adventure novels. It is also recommended to look at his books, Mout Ke Sodagar, and Anmol Novel Complete along with Mafroor.

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Sangtarash Novel is written by Aslam Rahi Sahib. Sangtarash translated into English as “Stone Cutter” is another remarkable historical novel written by Aslam Rahi M.A. The novel actually told the details of the famed Mongol monarch Changez Khan and such a stone cutter who believed in stone cutting. Changez Khan didn’t know the person who founded the Mongolian state. The novel is full of excitement, action, fights, and a touching secret that you’ll be forced to solve in a single sitting. Between 1973 and 1974, the novel was published as a regularly scheduled payment to the daily spies digest as well as later, in a normal soft-cover book.

Sangtarash Complete Novel By Aqleem Aleem

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Sangtarash (sng TRSH) is a cult Urdu novel written by Aqleem Aleem, a famous writer. It is a daring and captivating tale of a man whose fate is in the hands of Desert Pirates. Jasoosi digest published it using month-to-month episodes from 1973 to 1974, and it was later released in a regular softcover. The story is divided into two volumes equivalent to 332 pages.

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The main character in the tale is Khadim Hussain A young man who headed out to holy Islamic locations together with his family members. The group was attacked by Desert privateers while traveling throughout the desert. Privateers brutally killed each and every one of them. They took everything they could. After they took everything they could find the victims, one of them moved Khadim Hussain onto his pony and dragged him into their valley.

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Jabir who has never had children but was aching for them asked Khadim to be handed to him as a young child. Kadim was born alongside Jabir within the privateers’ valley as a child. He learned the art that involved cutting stones. He is the only one, however, when it comes to matters of importance, who recalls the same people who murdered his family members. Therefore, he feels the resentment fire burning within him, which is growing stronger after a certain period of time.

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Khadim Hussain plays the primary character in this story, who is a beastly young boy. The story centers around a principal character, a young Muslim who goes to a sacred Islamic city with his parents.

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On their way to the desert, desert pirates were able to attack their vehicle when it crossed the desert. Thieves took their loot. The looter brought Khadim Hussain to their valley after they took all the things they could lay hold of.

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Khadim Hussain was brought to his valley by Jabir and this was the moment that changed everything for Khadim Hussain’s life. Due to his desire for children, Jabir, the hero in the story, asked for Khadim to become his child. Khadim lived alongside Jabir within the privateers’ valley as a child. He learned how to slice stones. When he’s one of the stones, he recalls the deaths of his family members. So, he’s always looking for revenge, and it is only escaping after a while.

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In this book, you will discover each of the responses to the queries that pop up within each reader. These are the questions. Does he have the choice to respond to the killing of his family members or develop into an individual? Can it be said with certainty that he will be able to find love throughout his lifetime? The answers to these questions while reading this book. An exciting story packed with action and adventure is waiting for readers in this novel.

Book Title Sangtarash
Author/Writer Aqleem Aleem
Pages 85
Category Novel
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