Roop Novel By Razia Butt

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Roop Novel By Razia Butt

The novel’s plot is about a couple whose relationship begins to weaken due to some problems, even though they love each other deeply The novel Roop, written by Razia butt, is an epic novel that demonstrates literary importance. In addition, the principal character can be identified as Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, and Sheely. Although they faced many challenges and difficulties, they were both very happy in their love for each other.

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She would like to show that the next generation is the main ingredient in our minds. They were not both ready to admit they loved each other. The book contains some love notes as well as stories and romance. The captivating narrative of the book keeps readers turning pages until the final page. The girl would like to find a life partner who shares the same passion as she is.

Roop Novel By Razia Butt

Roop by Razia Butt Online Reading

This novel is essential reading for those who enjoy social-romantic stories. Razia Butt was one of the renowned novelists and storytellers from Urdu. She published numerous stories and books during her lengthy career. In her tales, she often meets a wonderful partner who is respectful of her opinions and desires.

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Razia was a Pakistani novelist, playwright, and short-story writer. Her novels have been adapted for film and television. She was born in Wazirabad, a small city near the Gujranwala district. The first users of Razia Butt’s novel were women. She spent her early years in Peshawar.

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You may also like these books that are similar to them: Tang Aamad by Aleem-Ul-Haq Haqi Paheli By Tahir Javed Mughal Aaeen-e-Wafa written by Farhat Ishtiaq. She started writing in 1940 when her first story, “Naila,” was published in a journal. She usually writes about women, emphasizing their strength and empowerment. The main character in her stories is usually a woman.

Book/Title Roop Novel
Author/Writer Razia Butt
Pages 128
Published Date January 1, 2008
Category Novel
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