Rooh e Quran By Maulana Ghayas Ahmad Rashadi

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Rooh e Quran

Rooh e Quran By Maulana Ghayas Ahmad Rashadi روح قرآن

The Holy Quran is the guide for all mankind A large portion of the population is not aware of this, so it seeks destruction and destruction through the lost pathway. Soul is the term used to describe the human soul. Rooh e Quran, Thus, the researchers have defined”soul” to mean “soul” only as “human soul”.

روح قرآن

Follow and adhere to the rules of this book. If they continue to not adhering to this guideline, the entire world will be in discord with them, and they will suffer the severe consequences of this deviation.

Book/Title Roh e Quran
Author/Writer Maulana Ghayas Ahmad Rashadi
Category Book
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