Rahmat Kay Farishton Say Mahroom Ghar

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Rahmat Kay Farishton Say Mahroom Ghar

Rahmat Kay Farishton Say Mahroom Ghar By Ukasha Abdul Mannan رحمت کے فرشتوں سے محروم گھر

Angels come in various types, with Hazrat Jibreel Amin serving as the leader of them all, relaying the message of Allah to the Prophets. Rahmat Kay Farishton Say Mahroom Ghar, As humans, we should strive to obey what has been commanded and avoid that which has been forbidden. Angels, like humans, are tasked with serving Allah Ta’ala, and they pray for the protection and well-being of humans.

رحمت کے فرشتوں سے محروم گھر – از عکاشہ عبدالمنان

The Prophet ﷺ has stated that the angel of mercy will come to the house where certain actions are performed. Some blessed individuals of Allah Ta’ala carry out such actions that cause the angels of Allah Ta’ala to bestow their blessings upon them. Scholars have interpreted these blessings as the angels praying for the well-being and protection of human beings. Therefore, it is essential for us to strive to perform deeds that please Allah Ta’ala and invite the angels’ mercy into our lives.

Book/Title Rahmat Kay Fareshton Say Mahroom Ghar
Author/Writer Ukasha Abdul Mannan
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