Qawaid al Nahwa Urdu By Mufti Irshad ur Rahman Al Mutasim

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Qawaid al Nahwa

Qawaid al Nahwa Urdu By Mufti Irshad ur Rahman Al Mutasim قواعد النحو اردو

It is believed that the Arabic language is a huge storage and treasure trove of arts, sciences, and wisdom. The power of the art of imitating is Muslim in its own right however, it’s also the case that it is impossible to understand its secrets and meanings without a basic understanding of syntax. Qawaid al Nahwa, The phrases of Allah the Most High as well as the amazing and incomparable statements of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on his name) are also accessible in Arabic.

قواعد النحو اردو

This is the greatest art that one can attain Imamat status and is elevated to the rank of Ijtihad. A compilation of chronicles of nations as well as chronicles of sultans and nations can also be found in the Arabic language.

Book/Title Qawaid al Nahwaa
Author/Writer Mufti Irshad ur Rahman Al Mutasim
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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