Qaid-e-Tanhai By Umera Ahmed

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Qaid-e-Tanhai By Umera Ahmed

It is a novel Qaid e Tanhai ebook another outstanding work by Umera Ahmad. Within the Novel, Hum TV makes an impressive drama serial. The novel is a powerful romantic and social story that brought to light some important social issues that plague our society. The author shared the lessons of struggle, hope, and patience. Qaid-e-Tanhai By Umera Ahmed.

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Umera Ahmed is a famous author and novelist who wrote Urdu stories. She wrote some of her most loved books that were praised by the audience. Today, Umera Ahmad is writing some TV dramas and also a script for a movie for Bollywood. She’s writing serialized stories, Alif that has gained an impressive readership. I hope you enjoy the novel Qaid e Tanhai Novel Pdf and do not forget to share it.

Qaid-e-Tanhai By Umera Ahmed

Overview of Novel:

The novel Qaid-e Tanhai has been composed by Umaira Ahmad. The novel is a rousing morally uplifting and socially romantic most loved story written in Urdu the language. The story was adapted into a TV-Serial by the same title by the Pakistani TV station.

Qaid e tanhai meaning in English

A great maker and magnificent leader, Momina Duraid is the woman behind the well-known Pakistani television programs Humsafar, Dastaan, Udaari, Shehr-e-Zaat, and then some. Originating from the Pashtun base, Momina Duraid was brought to this world in June 1971 in Pakistan.

Qaid e tanhai child star

She completed her master’s degree in Business Administration at the Lahore University of Management Sciences in 1997. She was married to Duraid Qureshi, a colleague who is the Director at Hum Network Ltd. Two or three of them have five children. Her cousin, Sultana Siddiqui, is the founder and head of Hum Network Limited. From a foundation that was promoted, Momina Duraid at first was working in the field of finance. After marriage, she helped her.

Qaid e tanhai episode 21

A Umera Ahmed show can be described as an event for people who watch the drama in our country. Umera Ahmed is a name to take on. She’s a person who inspires positive emotions in the person watching her words. And if we have entertainers such as Sawera Nadeem, and Faisal Qureshi, who have incorporated the characters scribbled by her, under Babar Javed’s direction, then it is surely a grand opus. Presently after an amazing appearance. Are Qaid-e-Kahaani really what it claims to be? Check out this audit regularly to find out.

Qaid e tanhai episode 14

Qaid-e Tanhaai tells the story of the love-struck couple Ayesha(Sawera) and Moiz(Faisal) who are married to Moiz’s mother’s(Saba Pervez) request. However, due to financial difficulties, Moiz has to leave for the outside world, leaving his wife and baby girl Noor(Neelam Muneer) without a home to his family, as well as his companion Jawad(Jibran Syed).

Qaid e tanhai story

The story reveals the struggles faced by the couple as Jawad begins to become attracted to Ayesha Then Moiz starts to feel a connection with Aneela(Sunita Marshall) who he marries and has a son Farhan(Zorain) However, the couple finally split.
The show’s title originates from what Moiz and Ayesha have to endure due to their individual choices. Moiz who adored Ayesha is crushed to know about the issue with Jawad who dumped Ayesha referring to family reasons, and both Ayesha and Moiz are left in “Qaid-e-Tanhaai”.Things being what they are, did the story give you a DJ Vu feeling? Yes, we agree. There’s no reason to repeat the same thing and provides the same old things in terms of content but in the present, it’s not only the plot that is the basis of the drama. The characters, relationships, and execution are what make the drama happen.

Qaid-e-Tanhaai(HUM TV)-Review | Pakistani Serials

Qaid-e Tanhai is the story of this novel that revolves around two principal characters Moiz and Aisha. The couple is madly in love and is happily married. As their possessions change and the family is in the possibility of financial trouble. Moiz has to travel to London to work in order to be secure in the family’s financial conditions.

The storyline of Novel:

Moiz is not present and, despite the fact that they are in love, however, they don’t meet each day. This is the reality, the reality of every Pakistani family. It clearly demonstrates the difficulties that families face when a family member is working abroad. It’s a great easy read for those who love deeply love stories. Urdu stories.

Book/Title Qaid-e-Tanhai
Author/Writer Umera Ahmed
Pages 144
Category Novel
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