Pathron Ki Palkon Par Novel By Nazia Kanwal Nazi

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The story of the novel is centered around a boy who is just starting out. A Nazia Kanwal Nazi is the author of the book, Pathron Ki Palkon, Par Pdf. He is part of a rich family. It’s a great romantic and socially-conscious story, that was published in a digest and was praised by readers. His family was very strict and valued their position. The author tells of a romance that was successful. Pathron Ki Palkon Par Novel.

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But things get complicated when he is in love with a girl from an upper-middle-class family. The couple suffered a lot and struggled to achieve their dream in their lives. His family members were against his choices and made his life extremely difficult. The people believed that sacrifice was a part of love which are a vital element of love. The author exposes the evil ideas of our society that the basis of an affair is simply their standing.

Pathron Ki Palkon Par Novel

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Nazia Kanwal Nazi is a well-known female novelist, story writer, and drama writer. It’s an almost 1100-page novel that will captivate readers until the very last page. She wrote numerous stories and serialized novels that earned an impressive readership. It’s an excellent book for those who enjoy reading stories with a social-romantic theme.

Pathron ki palkon par complete novel

She has written some of the top-rated television dramas for top channel private in Pakistan.A. Kanwal Nazi is the author and author of her novel. Nazia Kanwal Nazi frequently employs Urdu poetry within her tales which makes them more thrilling. She typically writes for various Pakistani weekly digests. She writes with a unique style and topic she writes about.

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Her stories touch on a variety of topics like society, romance family culture, and relationships. I hope that you will enjoy the book called Pathron Ki Pakon Par Pdf and will share it with your loved ones. In her novels, there are always strong and easily likable female characters. On this website on site, you can download Nazia Kanwal Nazi Novels PDF

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On this site, you can browse through Nazia Kanwal’s All Books and Novels. If you’d like to read more of the series then you can sign up to our site to receive updates regarding the latest novels’ blog posts. You might be interested in the following works: Panah by Nabeela Aziz, Kankar by Umera Ahmed, and Ulfat Si Hogai by Iffat Sehar Tahir.

Book/Title Pathron Ki Palkon Par
Author/Writer Nazia Kanwal Nazi
Pages 1177
Category Novel
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