Parizaad Novel By Hashim Nadeem

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Parizaad Novel By Hashim Nadeem

The novel traces a person’s journey from childhood through youth. Parizaad novel (pry dhd) is a romantic socio-political Urdu work composed by Hashim Nadeem. He’s financially stressed and does not have good looks. Parizaad novel (pry dhd) is a romantic socio-cultural Urdu book created by Hashim Nadeem. The novel was initially published in a local weekly magazine the novel was eventually made into a hardcover publication in the year 2014. He is often treated poorly due to his ugly appearance as well as being poor throughout his life.

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A drama-based serial with the same name was modified to Hum TV recently. The loneliness he feels grows as he gets older; he has the desire to be loved and loved, however, anyone he meets is a part of the past. The book tells the tale of a young man’s transition from their childhood into adulthood. The road will then take an unexpected turn, and fate lavishes wealth and fame upon him. His financial situation is in a messand his appearance doesn’t look appealing.

Parizaad Novel By Hashim Nadeem

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Then, we learn that all the money and fame are enough to allow him to eliminate his past and find peace and love. For more information about Parizaad’s quest to find peace and love go through the novel. Because he was poor for the majority of his life and has a sexy appearance He is often treated poorly. Hashim Nadeem, the writer of this novel, is among the most popular novelists in Pakistan. He is lonely every day, and the need to be loved and appreciated gets stronger, yet the man never has contact with anyone.

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He has written back-to-back best-selling novels such as Abdullah, Khuda Aur Mohabbat as well as Bachpan Ka December. The fate of the universe was in his favor, and the road turned and the man was rewarded with riches and fame. With his captivating and compelling stories on unique issues, he’s gained lots of respect within a short time.

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After having seen that, how do we discover that all his fame and wealth do not suffice to allow him to move on from his mistakes and find peace and love? Learn more about the journey of Parizaad’s search for peace and love. On this site, you can browse through the complete collection of Nadeem’s novels.

Book Title Parizaad
Author/Writer Hashim Nadeem
Pages 20
Category Novel
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