Paikar e Anwaar [S.A.W] By Dr. Fahd Anwar

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Paikar e Anwaar

Paikar e Anwaar [S.A.W] By Dr. Fahd Anwar پیکر انوار ﷺ

Urdu language is fortunate because it has been written on the life of Tayyaba from the very beginning of the day. Allah The Most High gave to the Holy prophet Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon his soul) in the role of a Prophet to the entire world. Paikar e Anwaar, The book in question can also be a way to achieve this bliss.

پیکر انوار ﷺ

The figure appeared as Dilarba son The spirit of earth and Sama appeared as a son, each of them appeared as God’s messenger.

Book/Title Paikar e Anwar [S.A.W]
Author/Writer Dr. Fahd Anwar
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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