Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel By Nimra Ahmed

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Nimra Ahmed is the writer of the novel Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel Pdf. Nimra Ahmed is one of the skilled young novelists from Urdu. In her professional life, she published Jannat Kay Pattay Namal as well as Mushaf. Nimra Ahmed has written some great novels for a short time for the public.

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The book tells the devotion of a mother who had a child with disabilities. She removed him from the city for the sake of her son and an ambition to make him into a normal human being. The story reveals the depth of the bond between mother and child. I hope you enjoy the novel Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel Pdf written by Nimra Ahmed and do share the book with your friends.

Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Overview of Book:

Pahari Ka Qaidi is published by famous romance novelist Nimra Ahmed. Nimra Ahmed is an acclaimed Urdu writer, well-known for her romance, love, and social novel. She has written numerous Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and literature books for years. The story of 35 pages first appeared within the Scheduled Shuaa digest in April 2008.

The storyline of the Novel:

The play outlines the alarming situations of a teacher who is widowed and her son who is paralyzed Aadil. The playwright lays out in vivid detail the difficulties faced by mothers of handicapped child is faced with. The book also discusses the anarchy and inequality that exists in our society currently.

Pahari ka qaidi novel pdf

Pahari Ka Qaidi (phrry kh Qydy) is a popular social Urdu novel written by a famous female writer Nimra Ahmed. The novel’s 35 pages first showed in The Monthly Shuaa digest in April 2008.

Saans sakin thi novel

Nemra Ahmed who wrote the novel has any kind of prologue for Urdu readers. She has accomplished an enormous amount within a very short period of time. She has written several great Urdu novels, such as Haalim, Namal, Mushaf, and the always-green Jannat Kay Pattay. On this website, you will be able to read All Urdu Novels by Nimra Ahmed.

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If you’re considering this book, it’s an ideal option if you love being captivated by the starry eyes and mind-boiling Urdu stories. We’re hoping that you will enjoy the story.

Book/Title Pahari Ka Qaidi
Author/Writer Nimra Ahmed
Pages 36
Category Novel
Read Online


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