Nursing admission entry test preparation books pdf download

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Nursing admission entry test preparation books pdf download

Nursing admission entry test preparation books pdf download – Whether you have recently been admitted to a Nursing College/School in Pakistan as a fresh nursing student or you are a continuing student, having the right books is essential for your nursing exams. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of BS nursing books in Pakistan, ranging from the first year of the nursing program to the final year examination. These books will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude required to practice nursing effectively.

Download Bs Nursing Admission Entry Test Preparation Books Pdf

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program aims to prepare students to become competent professional nurses who can provide holistic nursing care and bring about positive changes in nursing practice and education. Moreover, nurses trained through this program are also capable of providing care to civilians during natural disasters and emergencies.

Nursing admission entry test preparation books pdf Download

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Bs Nursing Entry Test Syllabus

The BScN program in Pakistan spans four years, including a mandatory one-year internship. After completing five years of study, students are required to apply for the licensure examination conducted by the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC). Successful completion of this examination grants students the status of a Registered Nurse.

Download Nursing Entry Test Mcqs Pdf Free

For those aspiring to join the Pakistan Army as part of the Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS), it is recommended to search for Nursing Preliminary Examination Paper Samples, Previous Papers, and Recommended Books to aid in their preparation. However, please note that I am unable to browse the internet or access specific information about the exams or their contents.

Nursing Entry Test Book

To be eligible for the four-year BScN program according to the Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), candidates must be between 14 and 35 years of age on January 1, 2024, without any consideration for marital status. Additionally, candidates should have completed their Higher Secondary Certificate (HSSC) in the pre-medical group with a minimum of 50% marks or an equivalent qualification.

Nursing admission entry test Past Papers

Candidates should also have completed their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or an equivalent qualification in the Science group, with biology, chemistry, and physics as compulsory subjects. It is essential to refer to the syllabus provided for the AFNS exam, as it will outline the topics and concepts that will be covered in the examination.

Nursing Test Preparation Books In Pakistan

Make sure to utilize this list of recommended books as a guide to focus your study efforts. Familiarize yourself with all the material that will be tested to enhance your chances of success in your nursing exams.

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