Naseem e Hidayat kay Jhonkay By Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqi

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Naseem e Hidayat kay Jhonkay

Naseem e Hidayat kay Jhonkay By Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqi نسیم ہدایت کے جھونکے

Islam’s timeless teachings have captivated jinns worldwide, a testament to its universal and innate nature. As the religion of nature, Islam empowers its ummah to benefit society in line with Allah’s Sunnah of preserving what is beneficial and discarding what is harmful. Naseem e Hidayat kay Jhonkay, Thus, this ummah, recognized as good by Allah Almighty, is tasked with cleansing the world of all that is wasteful and detrimental to humankind.

نسیم ہدایت کے جھونکے – از مولانا محمد کلیم صدیقی

Under the protective embrace of Islam, individuals experience a profound sense of tranquility and safety. In his four-volume work titled “Jhunke,” Naseem Hidayat chronicles the stories of new Muslims who have embraced the faith and found enlightenment through the teachings of Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui. This book provides a brief history of these individuals and their journey towards accepting Islam.

Book/Title Nasem e Hidayat kay Jhonkay
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Kaleem Siddiqi
Category Book
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