Musnad e Abi Hanifa Beirut

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Musnad e Abi Hanifa Beirut

Musnad e Abi Hanifa Beirut مسند ابی حنیفہ بیروت

Musnad e Abi Hanifa Beirut, This is the Musnad for Hafiz Abu Bakr Muhammad Bin Ibrahim bin Ali bin Zazan al-Maqri, who died (318 AH). It was compiled in part by Mu Suf from the narrations of Imam Abu Hanifa. (may God have mercy upon him).

مسند ابی حنیفہ بیروت

The personality of Imam Abu Hanifa, like you, is extensive. He was a high ranking mujtahid and a great jurist as well as an exegete. There were also underling politicians.

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