Muqaddas Novel By Hashim Nadeem

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Hashim Nadeem is the author of the novel Muqadas: A Novel. Hashim Nadeem is a well-known Pakistani drama writer. He is a writer, director, and filmmaker. He also works as an official in the civil service. Hashim Nadeem worked on different posts in Balochistan. He wrote a variety of novels as well as high-quality drama series. Muqaddas Novel By Hashim Nadeem.

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Hashim Nadeem has written a variety of popular books, such as Abdullah as well as Khuda Aur Muhabbat. In addition, he wrote Bachpan Ka December and Aik Muhabbat Aur Sahi. He also lent some extremely popular dramas to Pakistani television channels. Hashim created the film Abdullah and wrote his own and published novel in the past.

Muqaddas Novel By Hashim Nadeem

Muqaddas novel pdf download

Muqaddas was transcribed by the popular romance writer Hashim Nadeem. Hashim Nadeem is a renowned Urdu writer who is well-known because of her romantic romance and social novel. She has written numerous Urdu Social, Love, Romantic, and narrative novels for a number of years.

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Muqaddas (mqds) Muqaddas (mqds) is an acclaimed Urdu novel written by renowned writer Hashim Nadeem. It focuses on a pressing problem that Muslims in western countries face.

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Hashim Nadeem, the essayist of the novel, is among the most popular authors from Pakistan. He has written consecutive blockbuster novels like Abdullah, Parizaad, Khuda Aur Mohabbat, and Bachpan Ka December.

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With his captivating and captivating stories that deal with the most unique topics, He has earned lots of attention within a short period of time. On this website, you will be able to explore the complete collection of Hashim Nadeem’s novels.

Aik mohabbat aur sahi novel

The story revolves around discriminatory practices Muslims in the West are confronting. Islam is clearly an idealistic religion. It encourages harmony and harmony between every person. However, the small gathering of fanatic organizations has hurt the image of Muslims in general. Common sense Muslim families face discrimination based on fanatics.

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This novel is a further attempt to clarify why radical organizations don’t tackle Islam. The book also provides insight into the root of this unpredictably increase in Muslim hatred in the West.

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At any moment Hashim Nadeem pens a piece that he writes, and he usually provides interesting ideas for the reader. This novel is not a unique instance as it forces us to think about the most important concerns of the present.

Muqaddas Novel By Hashim Nadeem PDF

The story is based on the strange behavior Muslims in the West are experiencing. Islam is clearly an ideal religion for peacetime. It encourages peace and congruity between all people. However, a tiny gathering of fanatic groups has hurt the image of Muslims all over the world. The pragmatic Muslim families are faced with the idea of separation because of these extremists. This novel is a further attempt to clarify why extreme relationships don’t deal with Islam. It also sheds light on the underlying causes of this sudden surge of Muslim disdain within the West. You’re likely to download the story, it’s a fantastic option if you love having fun and reading awe-inspiring Urdu stories. We hope you enjoy reading this tale.

Book Title Muqaddas
Author/Writer Hashim Nadeem
Pages 151
Published Date January 1, 2020
Category Novel
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