Munashiyat aur Sharab By Maulana Muhammad Asjad Qasmi

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Munashiyat aur Sharab

Munashiyat aur Sharab By Maulana Muhammad Asjad Qasmi منشیات اور شراب

The consumption of alcohol and narcotic drugs is a detrimental force to society, as it can lead to health issues, the breakdown of families, a strain on both personal and public finances, and a decrease in productivity. Munashiyat aur Sharab, In modern times, drugs have emerged as one of the foremost negative influences on society. However, Islam encourages individuals to lead a virtuous life and actively participate in creating a just and honorable community.

منشیات اور شراب – از مولانا محمد اسجد قاسمی

Based on WHO’s reports, approximately two billion people worldwide struggle with alcohol addiction, which is a concerning statistic. In accordance with Islamic teachings, the consumption of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited and viewed as a grave sin. The faith strongly discourages the use of such substances and urges individuals to refrain from their consumption.

Book/Title Munasheyat aur Sharab
Author/Writer Maulana Muhammad Asjad Qasmi
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