Mominon ki Zahanat kay Qissey

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Mominon ki Zahanat kay Qissey

Mominon ki Zahanat kay Qissey By Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Hazmi مومنوں کی ذہانت کے قصے

You can download and read the Urdu book “Mominon ki Zahanat kay Qissey” for free. The book features stories of wisdom and intelligence exhibited by prophets, companions, caliphs, kings, judges, scholars, and believers from various domains. The book is compiled by Ibraheem Bin Abdullah Hazmi, who is believed to be an Islamic scholar from the Arab world. It is highly recommended to read this book.

مومنوں کی زہانت کے قصے – از ابراہیم بن عبداللہ ہازمی

The book was originally written in Arabic, but due to its informative and engaging content, it has been translated into Urdu. The title of the book is “Mominon Ki Zahanat Kay Qissay” or “Mominon Kay Zahanat Ka Qissay,” which translates to “Stories of the Intelligence of True Believers.” This book is highly recommended for those who are interested in reading about the intellectual prowess and sagacity of notable figures in Islamic history.

Book/Title Mominon ki Zahnat kay Qissey
Author/Writer Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Hazmi
Category Book
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