Moazzan Ali Novel By Naseem Hijazi

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Moazzam Ali Novel

Naseem Hijazi wrote the book Moazzam Ali Novel Pdf. Hijazi is the author behind Moazzam Ali’s Novel and was one of the most acclaimed novelists from Urdu. The main subject of his works was Islamic history, as well as the rise and decline of Muslim empires. He wrote about a dozen novels and they all were popular among readers.

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Moazzam Ali Novel eBook is written by Naseem Hijazi. The majority of his novels dealt with Islamic history, as well as the fall and rise of Muslim empires. He wrote around a dozen stories, and each one of them was liked enough liked by readers. The story tells the story about his battle with Plassey, the Battle of Plassey, and the British Empire’s beginnings within Bengal.

Moazzam Ali Novel By Naseem Hijazi

Moazzam Ali Novel By Naseem Hijazi Summary and Review

The story of this novel commences less than seconds before the battle of Plassey and continues until it is under the supervision of the East India Company in Bengal. Similar to his previous works, Naseem Hijazi weaved history with a hint of fantasy with such consistency that the tale delights the reader throughout the time that you can recall and continues to the maximum extent that it can.

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The protagonist of this story is an aspiring young guy called Moazzam Ali. He joined forces along with Nawab Siraj-uddoula (srj ldwlh) who was the last autonomous Nawab of Bengal in the fight against the British East India organization. However, they lost the battle on June 23, 1757, because of his own family members exile, and signaled the beginning of British control over Bengal. This was the moment to allow the British to rule over the majority of the Indian subcontinent in the following years.

Moazzam Ali by Naseem Hijazi pdf free download

Following the defeat in the Battle of Plassey, Moazzan Ali was transferred to the kingdom of Mysore in the southern part of India and was under Sultan Hyder Ali Khan.

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This book gives us an in-depth look into the Muslim’s glorious past as well as the reasons for their decline. In addition, it focuses on the individuals who sacrificed their lives to protect the nation and the country, it also revealed the disgusting nature of double crossers within. If you’re thinking of reading the latest novel of a genre that is recorded, Moazzam Ali by Naseem Hijazi is the perfect novel for you.

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The storyline in Moazzam Ali’s novel revolves around South Indian Muslims. The first page of the book is comprised of an account of the Battle of Plessey era and goes on until the East Indian Company’s rule over Bengal. Naseem Hijazi mingled historical facts with a hint of imagination so effortlessly in this book in which readers become captivated right from the start and the story’s magic continues until when the book is finished. The protagonist of the story is a young man called Moazzam Ali. In the fight against his own company, the British East India Company, the two joined forces to fight Nawab Siraj-uddoula, also Bengal’s final sovereign Nawab. But because of the conspiracy of his own people that led to their defeat, they were defeated on the 23rd of June 1757, thereby establishing the first day of British control over Bengal.

About Naseem Hijazi:

Naseem Hijazi was a renowned author, reader, historian, and novelist from Urdu. He wrote more than 18 books, as well as numerous tales for Urdu digest. He also contributed to the development of novel scripts. It is not a stretch to state that there is no doubt that he was the first person to write antiquity books.

Moazzam Ali Novel PDF

Naseem Hijazi is an accomplished storyteller. Some of his most popular books are listed below: Gumshuda Qaafley Kaleesa Aur Aag Andheri Raat Ka Musafir, in addition to his other, wrote books.

Book/Title Moazzam Ali
Author/Writer Naseem Hijazi
Pages 464
Published Date 2019
Category Book
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