Maut Ki Wadi Novel By M. Ilyas

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The novel’s plot revolves around a child who joins the mafia gang and eventually becomes an infamous criminal. The Maut Ki wadi Novel Pdf tells a thrilling crime thrilling, suspenseful, and exciting tale written by M Ilyas He authored dozens of serialized and short stories which earned him fame. He wanted to leave the criminal gang and tried to quit the group. The magazine was published in digest form and received the acclaim of readers. He introduced a variety of new styles and characters.

Maut Ki Wadi Novel By M Ilyas Pdf

In this group, there was no way to escape this world. This novel author tells the story of a criminal who wants to escape the criminal life. The mafia’s leaders demanded their murder. The group he was with did not allow him to alter his standards of living. In order to save his own life, he traveled to another nation to save his life, but his vessel was destroyed and he ended up on an isolated island. He fled to a different country but was able to return to an island after his vessel was got destroyed.

Maut Ki Wadi Novel By M. Ilyas

Maut Ki Wadi Novel By M Ilyas Pdf Download

He has to face some shocking situations and challenges, in order to protect his life.M. Ilyas, is a well-known novelist and a top story writer of Urdu. He spent a lot of time there and didn’t see one person there. In his lengthy professional writing, the author wrote numerous novels and stories. Then, he ran into an attractive girl and became infatuated with her. He is a regular contributor to digests and has also written numerous books that are episodic. The man chose to marry her and made a proposal to her.

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Additionally, he gained fame for his action and horror stories. The man later was able to kill all his enemies, and then walked away from the crime scene. You must read M. Ilyas’s All Novels.M Ilyas is a famous novelist and story writer of Urdu. You may also like the following books that are similar: Shatir Khiladi by Dr. Abdul Rabb Bhatti, Kalay Rastay by M.A Rahat, and Wafa Parast by M. Ilyas. In his lengthy writing career, He wrote a lot for magazines and digests.

Book Title Maut Ki Wadi
Author/Writer M. Ilyas
Pages 200
Category Novel
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