Marghoob ul Adillah By Maulana Marghoob Ahmad Lajpuri

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Marghoob ul Adillah

Marghoob ul Adillah By Maulana Marghoob Ahmad Lajpuri مرغوب الادلۃ

Direction of Qiblah during the period of abstinence. Marghoob ul Adillah, The four problems of ablution with their arguments. Washing the feet in the ablution. How many ablutions do you need? Is the ablution broken if the satr has been opened while you pray and someone else sees it?

مرغوب الادلۃ

Sajdah follows Sahu Salam. The distance and duration of Iqamah are shorter while traveling is mandatory, Sunnahs, Nawafl while travelling, Sunnah lying down following Fajr.

Book/Title Marghoob ul Adellah
Author/Writer Maulana Marghoob Ahmad Lajpuri
Category Book
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