Maghazi Rasoolullah [S.A.W] By Hazrat Urwah bin Zubair [R.A]

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Maghazi Rasoolullah

Maghazi Rasoolullah [S.A.W] By Hazrat Urwah bin Zubair [R.A] مغازی رسول اللّٰہ ﷺ

Each aspect of the Prophet’s life provides a great illustration for us. Maghazi Rasoolullah, The term “Sirat” has been used in a singular sense and occasionally together with “Sir” to refer to the biographies of notable personalities as well as accounts of historical instances.

مغازی رسول اللّٰہ ﷺ

The main part of his life dedicated to fighting against his enemies, including Islam as well as the infidels those who are Jews and hypocrites.

Book/Title Maghazi Rasoolullah [S.A.W]
Author/Writer Hazrat Urwah bin Zubair [R.A]
Category Book
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