Mafroor Complete Novel by Aqleem Aleem

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Aqleem Aleem is the author of the novel Mafroor, a novel. The author of the book is a renowned story writer from Urdu. He wrote some top-selling stories in Urdu fiction. He composed Mout Ke Sodagar which is the best-read story in Urdu following Devta. Aqleem Aleem is a skilled understanding of the plot of the story as well as sentences.

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The novel was published for many years in the Jasoosi Digest. It’s a thriller spy, as well as a crime novel. I hope that you will enjoy the Mafroor Novel PDF as well along with other serial-wise novels by Aqleem Aleem. It is also possible to read the books Sangtrash, Mujahid as well as Mout Ke Sodagar.

Mafroor Complete Novel by Aqleem Aleem

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The most well-known Urdu Novel Mafroor is one of the greatest tales that is written by the writer Aqleem Alien. It was published in Jasoosi Digest and later was published in the form of a six-volume book on paper. Even after years of publication, the novel remained popular with its readers, who were unable to escape its enchantment, and its popularity was increasing every day. Many times you’ve heard of the novel that is known for its most thrilling tale.

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Mafroor (mfrwr) can be described as an acclaimed condensed sequential novel written by the renowned Urdu creator Aqleem Aleem. It was published within the Jasoosi Digest for quite a long time and then it was published in a six-volume softcover book.

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In fact, even several years after its initial release, it was unable to escape the spell of this novel, and its increasing popularity continues to grow. It is likely that you heard about this novel if you happen to be that you’re an avid reader of Jasoosi Digests. It is among the most thrilling and actively pressured Urdu books that you can ever read.

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It recounts the story of a man, in search of speculative chemical research who travels across the globe. To fulfill his passion, he wanders through the mazes of Nepal and the valleys in the Himalayas. While you’re at it you might also want to read some other amazing books written by Aqleem Aleem. We suggest Maut Ke Sodagar Novel and Sangtarash Novel.The book can be read online. Alternatively, you can download the entire six parts of the Mafroor Novel in pdf format to read offline. Follow the links below to read the book online or download the book.
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After achieving what he had hoped for He is able to observe an external power trying to take it away from him. Then, he’s running, hiding around in an unending chain of countries to help save his life, and the precious thing he discovered.

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Mafroor novel contains all of the remedies an amazing action-packed spine-chiller tale should include. There is excitement, experiences anxious moments, love, and companionships and of course, there’s a lot of emotion. If you’re looking for an exhilarating thrilling read, don’t look any further. Mafroor is the book to read.


This tale was about a man who in pursuit of the speculative world of chemistry, travels around the globe. In his job, He often travels to other countries similar to countries like those that are labyrinths of Nepal and the valleys in the Himalayas. Once he has achieved his goals there are forces outside seeking to take its treasures. Then, he’s in hiding, stowing away in one country after another to protect his life and the important object that he found. It is the story of one man who, in search of alchemy, explores the globe. In pursuit of his passion, he journeys through the labyrinths and ruins that are Nepal and into the valleys of the Himalayas. When he has achieved what he fought for, he is confronted by external forces that are trying to take the treasure from him.

Mafroor Complete Novel by Aqleem Aleem PDF

Mafroor novel contains all of the ingredients an action-packed spine-chilling story needs to possess. There’s an adventure, suspense amazing moments, friendships, and, obviously, there’s romance. If you’re looking for a riveting page-turner, Mafroor is the novel that you must go through.


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