Maafia (Complete) Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

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Iqbal Kazmi was the writer of the book Mafia Novel Pdf. The novel was published over years ago in the form of a monthly digest. You can now download the story in the whole book. It’s a thriller suspenseful crime novel. Iqbal Kazmi discussed the activities and activities of a Maafia. He spoke about their work method and the anxiety of the masses. Maafia (Complete) Novel By Iqbal Kazmi.

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Iqbal Kazmi was an acclaimed novelist and storyteller of Urdu. He was the author of a variety of books but gained fame for his action-based stories. Iqbal Kazmi’s books contain many details and information. I hope that you enjoy the Mafia Novel PDF by Iqbal Kazmi. Share it with your loved ones.

Maafia (Complete) Novel By Iqbal Kazmi

Outline of Novel:

Iqbal Kazmi plays the role of playwright behind the novel Mafia Novel. The story was published many years ago in the form of a monthly digest. It is now available in book form. The story is a page-turner, corruption, and a novel of confusion. Iqbal Kazmi argued the accomplishments and activities of the Mafia. He outlined their operation elegantly and their terror to the populace.

Mafia Urdu novel complete

Maafia (mfy) is an action-based sequential novel written by renowned Urdu author Iqbal Kazmi. The novel first appeared as a rambling piece in a local month-to-month Digest but was later released in a six-volume softcover book series. It is among the longest and most widely read works by Iqbal Kazmi.

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The story of the novel Maafia revolves around a determined and energetic person Nazir Muhammad Naji. He is at odds with the Indian Intelligence department, called RAW. It is a known fact that Indian organizations are pushing for protests and agitation in Pakistan. They employ a variety of sloppy tactics to undermine the peace within Pakistan. There are a lot of victims of the psychological oppression imposed by Indian organizations.

Mafia novels pdf

The main character in the story is also a victim of RAW. He was snatched up and taken to India but in one way or another he worked out how to escape. This is the moment where he decided to make it his goal to eliminate the RAW to the extreme. In the following days, the path of adrenaline-filled thrill rides emerges that is thrilling adventurous, bold, and enthralling.

Summary of Novel:

The main theme of the story is that teens are the only ones who are exposed to war with prisoners. They longed for the end of the conflict as well as the crimes that were committed in their country of origin. They began frenzied combat against the criminals and succeeded in their goals. Iqbal Kazmi narrated the entire story in an interesting manner.

About the Iqbal Kazmi

Iqbal Kazmi is an acclaimed writer and storyteller from Urdu that has written a number of episodes. In the past, his fame was built on his novel of success.

Mafia Novel PDF

I hope that you will enjoy the Mafia book. He discusses various social evils that undermine the foundation of our country. On this site, you can browse through the collection of Iqbal Kazmi’s novels.

Book/Title Maafia
Author/Writer Iqbal Kazmi
Pages 757
Category Novel
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