Loh e Ayyam Book by Mukhtar Masood

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Loh e Ayyam Book is one of the most popular novels composed by Mukhtar Masood. Mukhtar Masood is a well-known Pakistani writer and civil employee. In 1978, after thinking about his impressive presentation in the regular administrations, he got removed from Tehran as Secretary-General of the RCD.

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During his four years of administration, he was aware of the Iranian anger and the governmental issues closely, which had a direct impact on the popular book Loh-e Ayyam.

Loh e Ayyam Book by Mukhtar Masood

Loh e ayyam pdf

Loh Ayyam (lwHi ym) is an outstanding piece in Urdu writing that doesn’t require a presentation. It is an evolving piece of writing that provides insight into the Iranian rebellion and its aftermath.

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Mukhtar Masood is well recognized Pakistani writer and administrator. In 1978, due to his impressive performance in general administrative positions, he had to be relegated out of Tehran as Secretary-General of the RCD. During the four years of his management, he observed the Iranian insurgency as well as governmental issues in a way, and this influenced the famous book called Loh-e Ayam. The book is separated into three sections and seventeen parts.

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The first segment of the book explains what happened in the pre-upset. The second segment is about the actual changes. The final section of the book focuses on the effects and consequences of the change on society.

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If you’re interested in finding out more about the Iranian past, you’ll absolutely enjoy reading this book. In addition, Read Awaz e, Dost, by Mukhtar Masood. The book is divided into three parts and seventeen parts.

Summary Book:

The Novel can be described as a dynamic work of literature that offers crucial information about the Iranian uprising and its aftereffects. The main portion of the book describes the circumstances of the uprising before it. The second segment is focused on the actual protest. The third section of the book examines the effects and consequences of the riot on society.

Loh e Ayyam Book PDF

If you’re looking to learn more about Iranian culture, you’ll thoroughly enjoy being interested in reading this book.

Book Title Loh e Ayyam
Author/Writer Mukhtar Masood
Pages 502
Published Date 2016
Category Book
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