Lala-E-Sehari Novel By Bushra Rehman

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Lala-E-Sehari Novel

The story centers around Ali Murtaza, a boy. Bushra Rehman is the author of the Lala e Sehrai Novel. He embarks on a long trip to the Desert of Cholistan. It’s a collection that includes two stories about social, romance, and reform. These stories address some moral and social issues. Unfortunately, his jeep ran out and he was stuck in the large desert. She spoke about the human emotions of love and hate. He gives up on the hope of saving his life. She was critical of the selfishness of people towards the poor. Lala-E-Sehari Novel.

Lala-e-Sehari Novel By Bushra Rehman PDF

After covering a great distance, he finally finds a village in the desert. Bushra Rehman, a Poet, Intellectual, and Politician, is well-known. He meets people who are kind to him. Many books were written by her on various topics. They provided him with travel equipment. She spoke out about social issues and the changes in moral values. The author speaks out about people who have lost hope but still, find a ray of life. Lala-E-Sehari Novel.

Lala-E-Sehari Novel By Bushra Rehman

Lala E Sehrai By Bushra Rehman Pdf Download

Bushra Rehman was active in politics and served as a member of the national assembly for women with reserved seats. The story of the novel is captivating and engages readers. I hope that you enjoy the book Lala e Sehrai Novel Pdf. Please share it with others.

Lala E Sehrai By Bushra Rehman pdf Download Read Online

This novel is best suited for adventure lovers. You can now subscribe to our website for updates on new book posts Bushra Rehman is the author of Lala-e-Sehrai. You can download or read online all Bushra Rehman novels in pdf format from our website.

Bushra  Rehman Novels List

Urdu readers are familiar with her name as she is the author of many best-seller books. You can also read Allah Mian Ji and Parsa Novels, as well as the complete Namal Novel. In her stories about different social and cultural subjects, she explains in detail how human relationships and disasters affect love, loss, and families. This website contains Bushra Rehman’s All Books and Novels. These books might be of interest to you: Dasht-e-Wehshat (M.A Rahat), Grift (M. Ilyas), Dulhan Ka Farar (A Hameed).

Book Title Lala-E-Sehari
Author/Writer Bushra Rehman
Pages 112
Category Novel
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