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Mumtaz Mufti is the author of the book Labbaik Pdf. The book Labbaik was a memoir written by the writer about his trip to Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage (Hajj) together with Qudratullah Shahab as well as Iffat Shahab. Qudratullah Shahab, a former senior Civil servant, and mystic were believed to be a spiritual mentor of Mumtaz Mufti. Labaik Book By Mumtaz Mufti.

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Mumtaz Mufti is the writer of the novel Labbaik. The novel Labaik contained the biographical details of the author’s life when the author traveled to Saudi Arabia for the obligation of pilgrimage (Hajj) together with his co-authors known as Qudratullah Shahab as well as Iffat Shahab. Qudratullah Shahab, a former senior civil servant, as well as a spiritually inclined, was a divine mentor of Mumtaz Mufti. In the end, there’s nothing that this novel is not an autobiography.

Labaik Book By Mumtaz Mufti

The storyline of Novel:

This book Labbaik is a fantastic effort and travelogue by Mumtaz Mufti. The lines of” travelogue” bring out previously in a book but later took on the form of an actual book. Mumtaz Mufti told about the whole situation and actions that took place during his visit with no plan. Mumtaz Mufti identified in the book “Labaik” the time when he visited Makkah and what he observed in the company in the corporation of Qudratullah Shahab. The whole story revolves around Love for Allah and his devotion to his animal. Mumtaz Mufti told the mystical process and the actions of tourism. He used some violent arguments in his book on holy objects, but this was due to his fervent devotion to Allah. He used bold words and addressed Allah with a sincere heart.

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Labbaik is written by Mumtaz Mufti. Mumtaz Muftiis a well-known Urdu author. Mumtaz Mufti is a notable Urdu Safarnama author. You can download Urdu Safarnama from The best Urdu travelogue was written by Mumtaz Mufti.

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This book is distinct from the plethora of travelogues that are based on Hajj. It doesn’t provide you with the method of making Hajj or how to prepare for Hajj or any other similar information.

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In all likelihood, Labaik revolves around the otherworldly experience and relationship with God. It tells you what it is that you are there.

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The author narrates in detail the events, experiences, and emotions he experienced during his time in Hejaz. The profound experience is brilliantly conveyed. Regardless of the fact that the viewer is not a visitor, the place he ends up in is.

About Mumtaz Mufti

Mumtaz Mufti is the huge name in Urdu’s literatures. He wrote a number of great books but was most famous for his autobiography and travelogue Labaik. In addition, he was the contemporary writer from Ashfaq Ahmad, and Quadrat Ullah Shehab. He was awarded the prize of Sitara-e Imtiaz (1986). 2013 was the year that Pakistan Post Office also gave out a stamp on the concept of the mythological author of Urdu.

Book/Title Labaik Book
Author/Writer Mumtaz Mufti
Pages 370
Published Date 1975
Category Book
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