Kuch Aur Nahi (Short Stories) By Bano Qudsia

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Kuch Aur Nahi (Short Stories) By Bano Qudsia

Nine short stories are included in this collection with a variety of stories and characters.Read online or download for free Bano Qudsia’s well-known Urdu novel “Kuch Aur Nahi” and experience 9 distinct fiction stories by Bano Qudsia in Urdu language.Each story is unique with distinct themes like domestic abuse, materialism and betrayal.Kuch Aur Nahi” is the title for this Urdu book, which translates to Nothing Else.The stories are entitled as follows:

Kuch Aur Nahi (Short Stories) By Bano Qudsia

  1. Tawajja Ki Talib
  2. Kallu
  3. Kaal Klaichi
  4. Ye Rishta o-Pewand
  5. Bakri Aur Charwaha
  6. Antar Hot Udaasi
  7. Kirkal
  8. Marajaat
  9. Aik Aur Aik

Kuch Aur Nahi (Short Stories) By Bano Qudsia

Kuch Aur Nahi By Bano Qudsia Pdf Download

Every story has the moral lesson of focusing on the social evils and weaknesses.This Urdu novel was written by Bano Qudsia who is a well-known Urdu author, novelist Urdu Fiction writer, and a well-known Urdu poet from Pakistan.The stories are all engaging and gripping to readers from beginning to finish.The husband of Bano Qudsia’s wife the late Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed is also an acclaimed Urdu writer as well as an Urdu litterateur.

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It makes an impression that lasts for the reader following reading it.They are well-known by their Urdu novel and books.If you’re a lover or short Urdu stories this book is designed ideal for you.Kuch Aur Nahi a beautiful Urdu novel that contains 9 distinct Urdu stories.Bano Qudsia is the writer of the Kuch Aur Nahi.

Kuch Aur Nahin by Bano Qudsia Pdf Urdu

Her name is known among Urdu readers since she has published numerous notable and best-selling books.The stories are all social and romantic as well.He explains in detail the human interactions and tragic events that affect families as well as love and grief in tales on various cultural and social issues.

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The following stories are Urdu stories of fiction;She has written a number of superhit Urdu novels, including The Raja Gidh, Amarbail.You may also be interested in the following books that are similar: Sarab by M.A Rahat Roshniyon Ka Azab, by Nighat Seema. Bahisht written by Bushra Rehman.

Book/Title Kuch Aur Nahi (Short Stories)
Author/Writer Bano Qudsia
Pages 220
Category Novel
Read Online

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