Kitab ur Rooh Urdu / Arabic By Allama Ibn e Qayyim

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Kitab ur Rooh

Kitab ur Rooh Urdu / Arabic By Allama Ibn e Qayyim کتاب الروح اردو عربی

Kitab ur Rooh, The book being reviewed is an excellent work by Allama Hafiz Ibn Qayyim. a renowned writer and researcher about the universe of Islam and in which Allama Sahib has provided responses to 21 diverse questions regarding the soul in context that of Qur’an as well as the Sunnah.

کتاب الروح اردو عربی – علامہ ابن قیم

According to the Quranic verse that the soul is the commandment from Allah Almighty. What exactly is the soul? from where comes the soul from and from where is it going?

Book/Title Ketab ur Rooh Urdu / Arabic
Author/Writer Allama Ibn e Qayyim
Category Book
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