Khayal e Yaar Short Stories By Sumaira Hameed

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The book Khayal e Yaar Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and moral story by Sumaira Hameed. The writer described the love affair of a man who later turned to Allah Almighty. He changed his life entirely and knew that Allah never left his man helpless in adverse circumstances. He gained fruit for his patience and struggle.

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We’re back with another thrilling novel in this article that was written by the well-known writer Sumaira Hameed named “Khayal-e-Yaar”. The central theme of all the stories is discovering and letting go of love, tolerance, and achievements that are that is accepted by the rest of the world.

Khayal e Yaar Short Stories By Sumaira Hameed

Khayal e yaar novel summary

Khayal E Yaar was written by the popular author of heartfelt love Sumaira Ahmed. Sumaira Ahmed is a notable Urdu essayist who is well-known for her sentimental, affectionate, ate, and social novels.

Khayal e yaar novel review

The writer has written many Urdu Social, Love, Romantic and fiction works for quite a while. Download the latest books by Sumaira Ahmed. Khayal e Yaar by Sumaira Ahmed is a bestselling Urdu romantic and heartfelt social book.

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Sumaira Hameed is the writer of the novel Khayal e Yaar Novel Pdf. It is a touching novel that tells an amazing romantic story. The love for each other grew into a love for Allah. The book offered the illustration that Allah did not abandon his son defenseless. Sumaira Hameed involved different Sufi concepts in her book.

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Sumaira Hameed is a renowned female story essayist and author. Through her impressive professional career, she published a couple of stunning books and earned fame. Her work is renowned for its deeply moving stories. Sumaira Hameed has a remarkable method of writing. She draws narratives that correspond to reality.

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I hope you enjoy the book Khayal e Yaar Novel PDF written by Sumaira Hameed and offer it. On this website, you can download the entire collection of Sumaira Hameed’s novels in PDF. In the event that you’re in need of more, visit our website to receive the most recent updates. You might peruse Yaaram Novel Complete.

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In this collection, you will find six stories that deal with the emotions of sorrow, love, and loss in the Khayal-e-Yaar novel. Each story is unique in its theme and characters. It’s easy to feel a bond to each tale that will melt your heart but also leave the reader with a feeling of sadness and regret after the end.

The following is a list of stories included in the book.

  • Khayal e Yaar (Think about Lover)
  • Aik Thi Mohabbat (One’s Love)
  • Main Bint-e-Jamila (Daugheter of Jameela)
  • Hamari Kahani (Our Story)

About Sumaira Hameed

Sumera Hameed is a Pakistani Urdu Novelist who wrote a variety of popular books that appeared in numerous monthly digests. She mainly writes about the current issues in society and draws interest in the current issues of our society. She is among the greatest writers. There are a lot of readers who wait for her books. Her initial Novel is “Lagi Jeet Thijo Ye Haar Hai Kaisi” published in the Khawateen digest. “Mohabbat Man Mehram Rah-e Yaar and Daim-ulHabs” are also bestsellers that are also published in a hardcover edition.

Khayal-e-Yaar PDF

It’s difficult to decide which is the best story since all are amazing in different ways. If you enjoyed short Urdu stories of love This is the book that is for you.

Book/Title Khayal E Yaar
Author/Writer Sumaira Hameed
Pages 510
Category Short Story
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