Khawab Khwahish Aur Zindagi Novel By Rabia Razzaq

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Khawab Khwahish Aur Zindagi Novel By Rabia Razzaq. The story of the novel revolves around two couples: Muneer Kamal Shumaila Kamal Sarmad Bukhari and Sadia. Rabia Razzaq is a writer for the novel Khawab Khwahish The Aur Zindagi Novel. They were just entering the age of into the age of youth. Their hopes and goals were enormous and they were willing to go to any length to achieve their goals.

Khawab Khwahish Aur Zindagi By Rabia Razzaq Pdf

It’s a great romantic and socially-conscious story, that was published on a website during the episode. As time passes, their hopes will transform into their passion. It outlines how a person lives born into a life of hardship. To reach what they want to achieve, they select paths that lead them to ruin. It played a crucial part in the development of the character of the person and he was deprived of the joy of living.

Khawab Khwahish Aur Zindagi Novel By Rabia Razzaq

khwab khwahish aur zindagi novel pdf download

The author reveals the thoughts of our younger generation that choose to take the wrong route to satisfy their ambitions. Rabia Razzaq is a young story writer and novelist from Urdu. The story of the novel taught us a lesson that reminds us of our small mistakes that can ruin our lives. She wrote a number of great stories for monthly digests over her brief writing career. If you are a fan of socio-romantic fiction This novel is the best choice for you.

Khwab khwahish aur zindagi novel by Rabia Razzaq Online Reading

Furthermore, Rabia Razzaq tried to inform the community about different ethical questions. Rabia Razzaq is a young novelist and storyteller from Urdu. I hope that you will enjoy this book, Khawab Khwahish Zindagi Novel Pdf and that you share it with your social media contacts. She wrote a variety of amazing stories for the monthly digests during her brief writing career. On this site, there is a place to access the Rabia Razzaq Novels in free pdf format.

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Additionally, Rabia Razzaq tried to make the community aware of different ethical questions. You may read Chalo Dard Bant Lete Hain, Hoshruba Novel, and Ay Raaz e Dil Novel. It is essential to take the time to read Rabia Razzaq’s All Novels. If you’d like to see more posts, you can sign-up for our blog to receive new content. You may also like these books that are similar to them: Band Kawaron Ke Aage by Umera Ahmed, Sayah Hashia by Saima Akram Chaudhary, and Mohabbat-Kamil written Written by Taiba Tahir. Khwab Khwahish is a Zindagi novel written by Rabia Razzaq.

Book/Title Khawab Khwahish Aur Zindagi
Author/Writer Rabia Razzaq
Pages 641
Category Book
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