Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai Stories By Nighat Abdullah

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Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai Stories By Nighat Abdullah

Nighat Abdullah was the writer of the novel Ke Dil Bohat Udas Hai pdf. The book contains romantic and social stories. The book includes stories such as Musafaton ke Azab Saray Mohabbat Ek Shajar Hai, Mujhay Tham Lena, and more. The author addressed a number of social problems throughout these short stories. She explained the problems in family life and suggested a solution. Nighat Abdullah is an outstanding female story writer novelist, screenplay writer, and novelist writer. She wrote great stories and novels for readers during her illustrious writing career. Additionally, Nighat Abdullah wrote some amazing books that have an impressive number of readers. I hope you enjoy Ke Dil Bohat Udas Hai. Ke Dil Bohat Udas Hai download and pass it on to your circle of friends. Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai Stories By Nighat Abdullah.

Download Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai By NIghat Abdullah PDF

Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai is a remarkable novel that was written by renowned Urdu author NIghat Abdullah. The novel tells the story of a family who faced a variety of economic issues tragedy, and the burning problems of society. The story was originally published in a Pakistani digest. Later it was published in hardcover.

Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai Stories By Nighat Abdullah

Mehdi Hasan – Dil Bohat Udas Hai

K Dil Bohat Udas Hai Urdu Novel by Nighat Abdullah Nighat Abdullah is available for free download in PDF format or read as an assortment of warm and romantic Urdu novels. The writer shared human thoughts and feelings. She spoke about various major and social topics in these documents.

Ke Dil Bohat Udas Hai By Nighat Abdullah Pdf

The book includes records such as Musafaton Ka Azab Saray Mohabbat Ek Shajar Hai as well as Mujhay Tham Lena and many more. The writer examined a range of social issues in these documents. Nighat Abdullah is a top female writer of stories, story screenplay, and story writer. She wrote some amazing Urdu novels and short stories. She kept in contact with some super-hit shows on the television stations’ programming. Presently, she is offering and liking this novel, and also reading other books similar to Hilal e Jurat Novel by Umera Ahmed and Nanka by Anwar Siddiqui.

Keh Dil Buhat Udas Hai Novel By Nighat Abdullah

The novel is also a sequel to another Urdu novel that is listed below ” Ke Dil Udas Bohat Hai” “Musafatoon Ke Azaab Saray” and so on.

Aaj dil bahut udaas hai shayari

There are four separate Urdu stories included in this arrangement. Each story has the same plot but with diverse characters. However, regardless of the differences in plots, the stories are generally about family dramatization, misfortunes as well as sentimental social problems.

Na dil hai na suKHan ab na harf hai na payam

Like the previous paragraph, every tale has its own unique zing. This means, based on your preferences it is possible to enjoy some stories more than others. The assortment of short tales is an excellent choice for those who are occupied and do not have the time to some time ago drawn books.

Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai By NIghat Abdullah PDF

Nighat Abdullah is one of the most prolific female writers from Pakistan. She has written a number of short stories and books for a different month to monthly digests. All she writes she covers every aspect of the subject, and she is in complete control of the characters.

Book/Title Ke Dil Bohat Udaas Hai
Author/Writer Nighat Abdullah
Pages 141
Category Storie
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