Karamat e Sahaba [RA] By Maulana Ahmad Hasan sambhali

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Karamat e Sahaba

Karamat e Sahaba [RA] By Maulana Ahmad Hasan sambhali کرامات صحابہ

The literal meaning of Karamat is a reference to respect, and honor. It is used in the sense of the act performed by a faithful servant. The virtues of companions and their followers as well as other morally upright people are popular. Karamat e Sahaba, For instance Usayd bin Hussair (may Allah be pleased with his) was reading Surah Kahf when something resembling an eerie black canopy cloud appeared out of the skies.

کرامات صحابہ

The difference between a dignity and an act of miracle is that a miracle manifests by a prophet, whereas the Dignity manifests through the saint.

Book/Title Karamat e Sahabaa [RA]
Author/Writer Maulana Ahmad Hasan sambhali
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
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