Kali Qabar Novel (Complete) By M.A Rahat

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Kali Qabar Novel

The story is centered around a girl called Shadab.MA Rahat is the author of Kali Qabar, a Novel PDF. She was the sole child of her parents. It’s a great romantic, social, cultural, and crime-related story. Recently, her father passed away from a virus. The writer wrote about the state of the poorer section of society. Her mother and she are left without a voice and an aid source when her father suddenly dies. He told the story of a girl who was forced to work to help her family.

Kali Qabar Novel By MA Rahat Pdf Download

A rich man called Mirza Saleem Baig gives her work because she was very educated. He was greeted by some rich and proud men. She discovers her to be a fake who only wants to make use of her.MA Rahat was a famous novelist and fiction writer. She has faced many obstacles in this manner. He wrote a number of super-hit stories, both long and short, that were published in monthly digests.

Kali Qabar Novel (Complete) By M.A Rahat

Kali Qabar Complete Novel By M A Rahat

The book outlines the tragic life of a group of girls who were cheated off by egotistical people. He had a distinctive writing style and utilized his knowledge to help educate his community. The book comes in two volumes that are engaging throughout from start to end.M.A Rahat is a well-known Urdu writer who has written many mysteries, thriller action, adventure, and mystery Urdu novels.

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I hope that you will enjoy the Kali Qabar Novel PDF and please share it with others. His works on supernatural creatures and forces are appreciated by Urdu readers. You can now subscribe to our website to receive updates. His most well-known writings include timeless novels such as; Aatish, Sholay, and Samandar Ka Beta. On the website, it is possible to access and download MA Rahat novels in pdf.

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On this website, you can read All Urdu Novels written by M.A Rahat. You could take a look at Kamand Novel, Kali Mata Ke Pujari as well as Kalka Devi Novel. You may also be interested in these books similar to them: Kaly Ghaat Wali by M.A Rahat, Basaira by Anwar Aligi, and Dehshat Kada by M.A Rahat.

Book/Title Kali Qabar
Author/Writer M.A Rahat
Pages 353
Category Novel
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