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Kainat Ijaz, a media novelist who has published a variety of novels via social media platforms. Junoon Tere ishq ka ” This novel is based on Action Terror, thrill, Gangster, brutal hero, innocent and rude heroine, kidnapping Nikkah Suspense as well as Romantic Novels. Junoon Tere Ishq is a romance in Urdu composed by Kainat Ijaz. Kainat Ijaz is a well-known social media blogger. The novel tells a gritty inspired on a love story. Kainat Ijaz is a versatile writer and her new novel, which she’s writing by Kitab Nagri. Arabella, Aspera, Maleha Begum and Abdul Jabbar are characters of the novel, which is based on the same family. She is well-known for her distinctive style of writing.

Kainat Ijaz Novels List:

  • Junoon Tere Ishq Ka Novel by Kainat Ijaz Complete
  • Red Ishq by Kainat Ijaz Complete Novel Pdf Download
  • Tum se Tum Tak by Kainat Ijaz Complete Novel Pdf

Kainat Ijaz Novels

Junoon Tere Ishq Ka Novel by Kainat Ijaz Complete

Junoon Tere Ishq Ka is an suspence, Romantic and socially-based love story written by Kainat Ijaz. Junoon Tere Ishq Ka novel is available for download in pdf format as well as online reading. Collection of Novels by Famouse are also the most popular Urdu novels. Urdu Novels Mania team has launched a project to encourage all social media writers to publish their novels as well as short tales. Urdu Novel PDF Download Romantic Urdu Novels Online Reading at Urdu Novels Collection. Welcoming to All The Writers, Test your writing skills. Kainat Ijaz Novels.

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Red Ishq by Kainat Ijaz PDF Novel Download

Urdu Novelians was started in February 2021, with the intention of providing novels for free to Urdu readers. Its novel, Red Ishq is written by Kainat Ijaz is an uplifting Urdu novel. It’s an online library which allows you to browse and read your selection of novels. Kainat Ijaz is notable writer who became famous through web-based entertainment for her flimsy novel writing skills. Urdu Novelists begin the journey of every social media writer to publish their work to evaluate their writing abilities. The novel is a pure romance with a couple of fascinating characters like Hania, Laraib, Heer.

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Tum se Tum Tak by Kainat Ijaz Online Reading Novel

Tum sy Tum Tak Novel by Kainat Ijaz. Download for free online Urdu books, online reading, in PDF, Tum Se Tak by Kainat Ijaz. A novel that is a must for readers written by a well-known writer. Tum Se Tum Tak By Kainat Ijaz. You can download the entire collection in PDF format so that you can read them offline. She writes most of her fantasy novels based on love. We also have additional Urdu novels to read in various genres. Simply select the category you want to read from and begin reading. You can download the best writer novels on this site. Novels are getting a lot of attention across the globe.

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