Kafan Posh Novel By M.A Rahat

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Kafan Posh Novel By M.A Rahat

MA Rahat is the author of the novel Kafan Posh, a novel. It is a romantic and social story about the life of an individual who was scared of criminals. Kafan Posh Novel By M.A Rahat. This transformed him into a strong individual, who decided to assist the weak. He was able to eliminate the drug gangs from the town.

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The book Kafan Posh Novel was written by M.A Rahat. It is a sociological as well as a romantic story about an individual afraid of criminals. He’s written much frightening and occult-themed fiction. This one stands out from the rest.

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Kafan Posh (khfn the pwsh) is a terrifying and wonderful Urdu novel written by M.A Rahat. He has written numerous terrifying and intriguing stories. However, this is the most distinctive from all the others.

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If you’re fascinated by perusing horror Urdu books, then you must consider this one. In the end, make sure you’re prepared intellectually for it due to the fact that it’s an unsettling ride that can make you shiver even in your dreams.

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The novel follows there is plot follows one man who is afraid of criminals. He became bold as time went by and he started to help the weak. The man completed the treatment mafia in the city.

Who’s M.A Rahat?

MA Rahat was a well-known Urdu novelist and tale-writer. He wrote a myriad of novels and stories, which were first published in magazines, and later in books. MA Rahat is known for his serialized and horror books. MA Rahat, also known as Marghoob Ali Rahat, was an Urdu writer and story writer who wrote hundreds of stories and books. He wrote tens and thousands of novels as well as hundreds of volumes for digests that covered various types of writing. Women’s, children’s, and even youth’s most loved writers included MA Rahat. Most of Marghoob Ali Rahat’s work is gaining traction on social media as well as other websites, however, his biography has not received much notice. He has not received any awards from the government or literary institutions. MA Rahat’s work and profile must translate into Urdu as well as English.

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The best books by M.A Rahat are: Kali Qabar, Kamand, Kalka Devi Firon, and Devi Ki Hukumat Zehreela.I hope you enjoyed reading the novels of an amazing novelist of Urdu. Urdu language.

Book Title Kafan Posh
Author/Writer M.A Rahat
Pages 220
Category Novel
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