Jhootay Nabi By Abul Qasim Dilawri

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Jhootay Nabi

Jhootay Nabi By Abul Qasim Dilawri جھوٹے نبی

The book in question was written with a particular focus on the people who falsely claimed to be prophets. Jhootay Nabi, Watch out for false prophets that come to you dressed as sheep but inside they’re an enraged wolf. This book outlines around seventy people who have were falsely claiming to be prophets.

جھوٹے نبی

According to Judaism, Isa son of Jesus Christ is considered to be as a false prophet, and his prophethood is completely discredited.

Book/Title Jhotay Nabi
Author/Writer Abul Qasim Dilawri
Category Book
Part 1 / جلد ایک
Read Online


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