Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay) By Bushra Rehman

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Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay)

The book is comprised of twelve (12) short stories (Afsanay) that provide an explanation of the many families and social problems within Pakistani society due to a few misconceptions. Bushra Rehman is a writer of Jharoke Mein Chaand Pdf. Each story has its own subject, character, and morals. Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay). It’s a collection of romance and social stories written by Bushra Rehman. The book contains these stories:

Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay) By Bushra Rehman PDF

  • Pechle Pehar Ki Chandani Taaj Mehal
  • Badd Dua
  • Jan Padar
  • Daagh Sajda
  • Andha, Behra, Goonga
  • Intellectual Larki
  • Sookhe Huwy Phool
  • Jharoke Mein Chaand
  • Naqaab
  • Kachh Da Khidona
  • Shehzada Saleem

Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay) By Bushra Rehman

Jharoke Mein Chand By Bushra Rehman Pdf Download

Bushra Rehman was the author of the Jharoke Mein Chand. The book includes its Taj Mahal, Bad Dua, Daagh e Sajda, Jaan e Pindar, and intellectual Larki. Her name is known among the Urdu people since she has written numerous notable and best-selling books. The author addressed a variety of moral and social stories. She discusses in detail the human relationships and catastrophes that affect families’ loss, love, and even loss in her narratives on various cultural and social subjects. Bushra Rehman has been a prominent female story-writer, novelist, and poet.

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On this site, you can browse through the works of Bushra Rehman. All Books and Novels. She wrote a column regularly in the Urdu newspaper. She also was active in politics and was elected as a parliamentarian in the female reserved seats. I hope that you will enjoy Jharoke Mein Chaand Pdf written by Bushra Rehman. Share it with your friends.

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Book/Title Jharoke Mein Chand (Afsanay)
Author/Writer Bushra Rehman
Pages 223
Category Novel
Read Online


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