Jame ut Tirmizi Urdu

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Jame ut Tirmizi Urdu

Jame ut Tirmizi Urdu جامع الترمذی اردو

Hadith regarding Al-Qadar from Jami in Tirmidhi 2142 is about the Chapters On Al-Qadar written by the Imam Abu Isa Muhammad at-Tirmizi. Jame ut Tirmizi Urdu, The life of one of the Prophets who’s name is Shamail Tirmidhi. Also, the collection of other hadiths, also known by the name of Jami Tirmidhi. Both books are real and genuine.

جامع الترمذی اردو

The first Hadith was originally written in Arabic and is translated into English in addition to Urdu. The book is available for download in Pdf format, and can be read offline.

Book/Title Jame ut Tirmize Urdu
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