Jahez aur Damad By Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanvi

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Jahez aur Damad

Jahez aur Damad By Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanvi جہیز اور داماد

Although there is no evidence of the ritual of dowry in the Quran, Hadith, or the practices of any Sahabi, the unfortunate reality is that the practice of dowry in our society stems from the adoption of Hindu customs and practices. Jahez aur Damad, Today, one of the greatest internal afflictions that our society faces is the widespread practice of dowry, which is considered a curse.

جہیز اور داماد – از مفتی رشید احمد لدھیانوی

Although there is no mention of dowry or any specific name for it in the Hadiths, it can be referred to as a gift. However, the practice of dowry is akin to a harmful pest or a cancerous sore, rapidly corroding the very fabric of our social life.

Book/Title Jaheez aur Damad
Author/Writer Mufti Rasheed Ahmad Ludhyanvi
Category Book
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