Ittihad o Ittifaq By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi

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Ittihad o Ittifaq

Ittihad o Ittifaq By Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi اتحاد و اتفاق

There are many sects, factions, and differences among Muslims. Islam teaches Muslims how to live a harmonious, communal life. Ittihad o Ittifaq, It does not tolerate chaos or arbitrariness. Muslims were reminded by the Prophet that the greatest blessing after faith was the blessing of brotherhood, and the gift of love. This is impossible even after all the wealth in the world.

اتحاد و اتفاق

He placed the spirit and practice of worship in the spirit both of collectivity, segregation, so that Muslims could remain connected to one central.

Book/Title Ittihad o Ittefaq
Author/Writer Maulana Ala ud Din Qasmi
Category Book
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