Islam aur Insani Huqooq By Maulana Zahid Ur Rashdi

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Islam aur Insani Huqooq

Islam aur Insani Huqooq By Maulana Zahid Ur Rashdi اسلام اور انسانی حقوق

The broad notion of goodness that is a part of Islam serving humanity and human rights, lifestyle and the society are an integral component of it. Islam aur Insani Huqooq, In the Qur’an along with the Sunnah have clarified our rights as well as obligations to humankind and without doubt, any person who understands the rights and obligations can be content in the world.

اسلام اور انسانی حقوق – از مولانا زاہد الراشدی

The concept of human rights in Islam is based on the respect dignity, equality and respect for humanity. Human rights’ foundation in Islam is built on monotheistic thinking and the idea of monotheism. Human rights are a part of Islam as well as various other religious traditions have been studied and compared.

Book/Title Islam aur Insani Huqoq
Author/Writer Maulana Zahid Ur Rashdi
Category Book
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