Ishq E Mutashqram Novel By Alisha Ansari

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The novel’s story centers around a boy who is named Meran.Ishq the e Mutashqram is the most recommended novel for those looking to get their hands on Urdu novels in PDF.He is part of a normal family, and doesn’t have any grand goal in life.If you love love stories, you must go through Alisha Ansari’s newest book Ishq e Mutashqram. He is a lover of a girl, and shortly after they were married.

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The novel is divided into 12 parts It is possible to read or download all the parts of the novel here at this site.His life suddenly is changed when a stranger kidnaps his wife.Allah has provided Pakistan with stunning talent and gifted people. He is faced with many obstacles and difficulties to locate her.

Ishq E Mutashqram Novel

Online Reading Ishq e Mutashqram written by Alisha Ansari

This talent isn’t limited to males, but females as well.He decided to reveal the individuals who abducted her.In the busy lifestyle of the average person most people aren’t able to finish their favorite tasks in the time they have. The novel’s plot is intriguing that draws the attention of readers because of the thrilling moments.

ishq e mutashqram complete novel pdf

Alisha Ansari (born in Pakistan) is writer in the midst of her career from Pakistan who writes really excellent novels.It is a must-read If you’re a social-romantic stories fan.Her latest book Ishq E Mutashqran is available to read. It is also possible to read these books that are similar to them:

Overview of Novel

Bus Ik Lamha by Ujala Naz Safar Ki Shaam by Farhat Ishtiaq, as well as Wo Khwab Sa by Rabia Sajid.The reading of novels is among the most loved activities to do during leisure time. It’s not only for females as well as males.Ishq-eMutashqram (`shqi MTSHKHRM) is one of the novels written by a renowned female novelist Alisha Ansari. In this post, I’ll attempt to describe the romantic Urdu Novel Writers Females in Pakistan.

Novel Ishq E Mutashqram by Alisha Ansari Complete

It tells a social-romantic thriller tale that showcases the power of love and how it can alter the course of a man’s existence.Alisha Ansari is primarily an Social Media writer however, her novel is now being completed.It has gained popularity among readers due to its distinctive theme.

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She’s written a range of novels prior to this.Alisha Ansari is a Social Media writer and now her novel is being written using Novels.This is a new platform that allows writers who are aspiring or well-known Urdu writer to display their talent across a variety of genres in Urdu Adab.She also wrote a few Novels prior to this.Novels Hub is the latest platform that allows new or acknowledged Urdu writers to display their talents in various genres in Urdu Adab.

Book Title Ishq E Mutashqram
Author/Writer Alisha Ansari
Pages 1325
Category Novel
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