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It is free to download as well as Read Online great action jasoosi novel Imran series written by Mazhar Kaleem M.A in PDF format. Therefore, Imran Series written by Mazhar Kaleem M.A is published under the categories of Imran Series. However, Imran Series from Mazhar Kaleem M.A is available to read online now. Download with Direct Working Link. Follow the link below to go online to read the book. So, If you would like to browse through all the books in the Imran Series. Click here to access this link to browse the Imran Series

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem MA PDF

One of the most popular series novels in Pakistan Everybody is familiar with his name or has read his book in their lives, which is called the Imran Series. On the other hand, the majority of the time, when it came to selling branches he was a well-known name. So, Let’s learn what we can regarding the Imran series.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem

About Mazhar Kaleem MA

Sir Mazhar Kaleem M.A. is a fantastic Spy writer. He is most well-known for his efforts in the Great Spy SERIES specifically known as the “Imran series”. Urdu writing about spy stories is as part of the Imran Series mythos created by “Ibn-e-Safi”. This is First Book written in Imran Series by Ibn-e Safi was “KHAUFNAAK IMARAT”, which was published for the first time in 1955.

After Ibn-e-Safi He is the person who has made famous”Imran” the Urdu Spy fiction Character “Imran”. Sir Mazhar Kaleem M.A. is well-known for his work on The Imran Series and has written short stories for children, too.

Imran series Special Numbers List

Imran Series The main character in the Imran Series The main character of the series is Ali Imran. She has an MSc and a Ph.D. in sciences from Oxford University, he is highly intelligent and at the best, all things being the same. He can handle any circumstance. Ali Imran is a circumstance maker, and once occasionally, he connects with people and, in specific places, he transforms into an extortionist. There are two trustworthy men. He has a guardian the other one is his employee. Imran Series by Zaheer Ahmed. the first novel of the Imran series written by Mazhar Kaleem.

Complete Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem MA

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1 Action Agency 8 Action Group
2 Adhora Formula + Mout Ka Daira 9 Adventure Mission
3 Agent From Power Land 10 Agrosaan
4 Aika Ban 11 Alert Camp
5 Anari Mujrim 12 Ankana
6 Armous Prohat 13


1 Bagop and Death Mission 26 Bankay Mujrim
2 Barki 27 Base Camp
3 Be Jurm Mujrim 28 Beggers Mafia
4 Big Boss 29 Big Challenge
5 Big Dam 30 Birth Stone
6 Black Agents 31 Black Arrow
7 Black Business 32 Black Crime
8 Black Day 33 Black Face
9 Black Feather 34 Black Fighters
10 Black Hawk 35 Black Head
11 Black Hills 36 Black Hounds
12 Black Kalar 37 Black Mask
13 Black Prince 38 Black Scrab
14 Black Strap 39 Black Sun
15 Black Thunder 40 Black Thunder Section
16 Black World + Black Powers 41 Blank Mission
17 Blasters 42 Blasting Station
18 Blind Attack 43 Blind Mission
19 Blood Hounds 44 Blood Rays
20 Bloody Game 45 Bloody Syndicate
21 Blue Bird Group 46 Blue Code Book
22 Blue Eye 47 Blue Film
23 Blue Hawk 48 Boganu
24 Bright Eye 49 Bright Stone
25 Broad System 50 Business Crime


1 Dark Club 15 Dark Eye
2 Dark Face 16 Dark Mission
3 Dashing Agent 17 Dashing Three
4 Death Circle 18 Death Group
5 Death Quick 19 Death Rays
6 Dehshat Gard + Mutharrik Maut 20 Desert Commandos
7 Devil Pearl 21 Diamond Of Death
8 Diamond Power 22 Distruction Plan
9 Dodging Missoin 23 Dog Crime
10 Dog Rays 24 Dojo Fighters
11 Domanai 25 Double Game
12 Double Lock 26 Double Mission
13 Double White 27 Dus Crore Mein Do Shaitaan
14 Dushman Julia 28


1 Easy Mission 3 E-City
2 Electronic Eye 4 Escape Grey


1 Face of Deaht + Black Death 11 Fast Action
2 Fast Mission 12 Fi Land
3 Fibian Society 13 Fight Plus
4 Fighting Mission 14 Fink Syndicate
5 Flaster Project 15 Flower Syndicate
6 Fogashay 16 Fohag International
7 Foreign Group 17 Fort Dam
8 Foul Play 18 Four Corners
9 Four Stars 19 Free Socks
10 Fuogi Task


1. Ganja Bhikari 10. Ghadar Julia
2. Glary Sedia 11. Golden Agent
3. Golden Agent in Action 12. Golden Clock
4. Golden Cross 13. Golden Sand
5. Golden Spot 14. Grand Victory
6. Great Falls 15. Great Fight
7. Great Mission 16. Green Death
8. Green Guard 17. Gross Dam
9. Group Fighting


1. Haikal-e-Sulaimani 11. Halka e Mout
2. Hallow Wall 12. Hanging Death
3. Hara Kari 13. Harch
4. Hard Agency 14. Hard Crime
5. Hard Mision 15. Hard Redback
6. Hard Target 16. Hawk Eye
7. Heli Cart 17. High FIgh
8. High Victory 18. Hishrat ul Arz
9. Hot Field 19. Hot Knot
10. Hot Rays 20. Hot World


1 Imran Ka Aghwa 3 Imran Ki Maut
2 Inventory Grip


1 Jasoos e Azam 6 Jawana in Action
2 Jewish Channel 7 Jewish Power
3 Jialay Jasoos 8 Jim Might
4 Jinnati Duniya 9 JSP
5 Juliana Fight Group 10 Juliana Top Action


1 Kaghzi Qayamat 9 Kakana Island
2 Kali Duniya 10 Karakon
3 Kareka 11 Karkis Pont
4 Karman Mission 12 Karogue
5 Karosho 13 Karwan e Dehshat
6 Kasham 14 Kasper Rays
7 Kaya Palat 15 Khamosh Cheekhain
8 Kobraan 16


1 Ladies Island 13 Ladies Mission
2 Ladies Secrect Service 14 Lady Eagle + Maut Ka Jaal
3 Lady Killers 15 Lady Sundarta
4 Lancer Five 16 Large View Project
5 Lasilky 17 Last Fight
6 Last Moment 18 Last Round
7 Last Trap 19 Last Upset
8 Last Warning 20 Light House
9 LimeLight 21 Little Devils
10 Logasa Mission 22 Long Bird Complex
11 Long Bird Sealed Complex 23 Long Fight
12 Lords


1 Madam Bashashi 10 Maha Pursh
2 Maka Zonga 12 Makarto Syndicate
3 Makruh Chehray 13 Makruh Jurm
4 Mamar 14 Maria Section
5 Marshal Agency 15 Master Laboratory
6 Mind Blaster 16 Misali Duniya
7 Mission Sagor 17 Multi Mission
8 Multi Target 18 Mushkbari Code
9 Muslim Currency 19


1 Na Qabil-e-Taskheer Mujrim + Maut Ka Raqs 
2 Nawashangu
3 Night Fighters


1 One Man Show 4 One to One
2 Open Close 5 Operation Desert One
3 Operation Sandwich & Sandwich plan


1 Pakasia Club 8 Partin
2 Peacock 9 Peart Pirate
3 Power Agent 10 Power Land
4 Power Squad 11 Powerland Ki Tabahi
5 Pressure Lock 12 Prince Kachan
6 Prince Of Dhump 13 Prince Shama
7 Prince Vinchal


1 Rangeen Maut + Danger Gang 14 Rascal’s King
2 Re Bite 15 Red Army
3 Red Army Network 16 Red Authority
4 Red Chief 17 Red Circle
5 Red Craft 18 Red Dot
6 Red Flag 19 Red Medosa
7 Red Point 20 Red Power
8 Red Ring 21 Red Sky
9 Red Zero Agency 22 Redox
10 Reverse Circle 23 Road Side Story
11 Robin Hood 24 Rock Field
12 Rock Head 25 Royal Service
13 Rozi Rascal 26 Rozi Rascal Mission


1. S Three 29. Saajan Center
2. Saan Kara 30. Sabolat Agar
3. Saffak Mujrim 31. Sagan Mission
4. Sagram Mission 32. Salaska
5. Sandy Zoon 33. Sangeen Jurm
6. Saqab Project 34. Saraj Agency
7. Sarto Mission 35. Sasic Center
8. Sawana 36. Sea Eagle
9. Secret Center 37. Secret Heart
10. Secret Service Mission 38. Shalmak
11. Shedog 39. Shedog Headquarter
12. Shoga Pama 40. Shogran Mission
13. Shooter 41. Shooting Power
14. Shuderrmaan 42. Side Track
15. Silver Girl 43. Silver Hands
16. Smart Mission 44. Snake Circle
17. Snake Killers 45. Soft Mission
18. Spargo 46. Special Agent Brono
19. Special Mission 47. Special Plan
20. Special Section 48. Special Station
21. Special Supply 49. Spot Film
22. SS Project 50. Stacks
23. Star Mission 51. Star Track
24. Starg 52. Sufli Duniya
25. Super Agent Safdar 53. Super Agents
26. Super Master Group 54. Super Minded Agent
27. Super Mission 55. Supreme Fighter
28. Sword Managa 56.


1 Tafreehi Mission 16 Taghoti Duniya
2 Tarak 17 Tarantola
3 Target Imran 18 Target Mission
4 Taroot 19 Tarson Agency
5 Tatar Daggers 20 Tawan
6 Texat 21 Third Force
7 Thread Ball Mission 22 Tiger In Action
8 Tight Plan 23 Top Mission
9 Top Prize 24 Top Rock
10 Top Secret Mission 25 Top Section
11 Top Shoot 26 Topaz
12 Total Zero 27 Tower Section
13 Treaty 28 Trench Fire
14 True Man 29 Twin Sisters
15 Two In One


1 Villago
2 Violent Crime


1 Water Light 7 Water Missile
2 Water Power 8 Weather Boss
3 Well Done 9 White Birds
4 White Shadow 10 Wild Tiger
5 Winning Party 11 Wonder Plan
6 Wood King




Yaqeeni Maut


1 Zaheen Agent 6 Zaraak
2 Zero Blast 7 Zero Blaster
3 Zero Lastri 8 Zero Mission
4 Zero Over Zero 9 ZigZag Mission
5 Zinda Saye

Imran series by mazhar kaleem pdf free download

Ali Imran has a prepared group of people who are ready to give up their lives. This kind of person is an ardent supporter of his tasks. Following the death of Ibn Safi, numerous authors tried to write to his Imran series. Most of the time, Imran is the full man throughout. He presents Ali Imran as Superman. A man of many characteristics and a strong man. download Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem.

Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem Special Numbers Free Download

In order to download this book Complete Novels of Imran Series, you’re in the perfect place. In this article, we provide you with all Imran Series books that are in PDF format. It is easy to download just by clicking on the book that you wish to browse or download in pdf format. We demand you to share our blog with your web-based media loved ones. Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem pdf download.Imran series tiger first book.

New Imran series 2020

Imran’s personality was widely loved, and, surprisingly, following the conclusion of Ibn e Safi the fans of the series wanted to learn more in regards to Imran. In this situation journalists such as H Iqbal, M.A Rahat, as well as S Qureshi, attempted to get the story back to where Safi left off.

Black zero Imran series pdf download

Some of the fans from Ibn e Safi excused Kaleem’s style for Imran. Imran series, saying that he did not accurately define the initial feeling of some characters. In the end the books of his have a large number of readers.

Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem MA PDF

The comprehensive listing of Imran Series novels by Mazhar Kaleem MA can be found below for download in PDF format at no cost. To download simply click the title of the book, and download will start automatically in just a few minutes. If you encounter a link that is that isn’t working, inform us in the comments so we can correct it for you.

List of Books will be mentioned:

In all likelihood, the writer who completed the Imran series to satisfy the fans’ needs is Mazhar Kaleem MA.


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